jaycee dugard, amazing.

growing up, i remember hearing the name jaycee dugard and i knew she was missing.  that was all i knew. i also knew that if you are missing, it is never a good thing and after eighteen years of not being scene, the chances that you are alive, is more likely that not slim.

friday afternoon, i downloaded her new autobiography to my kindle, i was curious to know what she went through and wanted to read it first hand.
beautiful. survivor. incredible.
as i read, i kept thinking to myself, ashamed that i would even have the nerve to say the words out loud "i'm having a bad day!" because i have never had a day ever, ever like the days, months and years of bad days she experienced that formed her life.  i am the first to say when comparing issues, "oh it's all relative." but it's not.  

as i sit and type this in an air conditioned house, after just eating the food i chose and feeding the children i nanny for the food they wanted and could afford to buy them, after downloading her book on my kindle which my husband gave to me for a birthday gift and had the money in my checking account so i could get the book instantly, i am counting my blessings and feeling so very selfish for ever uttering the words "i am having a bad day." or anything else less than "i am so blessed to have a wonderful life."

if i met jaycee, i would be speechless at the woman that she became out of chaos.  last night (perfect timing), the diane sawyer special was on where she interviewed jaycee.  what a composed woman, a woman who did not get to decide the choices her life held, but now can make all the decisions for she and her children.  i hope that life from here on out life treats her kind and she has all she dreams of...in the words of dolly parton.

be thankful for the everyday.  because somewhere out there, some one has it worse than you do.  much worse.

if you are reading this on a phone or a computer, i am betting you are pretty blessed.  blessed...i need to remember that more often.

if this blog made it to jaycee, i would say to her :  you are incredible and a testimony of what it means to be a victor and overcomer.  then i would probably stutter and trip over my words and make some sort of awkward joke...and then go on with my aweness of her.

read her book.  get it today.  a stolen life by jaycee dugard.

(p.s.  i had written this on monday night but really felt like my words did not do her or her book justice, but then i realized...it never hurts me to be reminded even if the writing isn't as eloquent as i would like..."oh yeah, i am so blessed, because too often i forget)

some quotes from a stolen life:
yes, i do believe i'm lucky.  i could not have gotten through my ordeal without believing that someday my life would make sense.  life's adventure is important.  it is important to live each day to the fullest, whatever life brings you.
while i was there i would tell myself it could be worse; there are so many people in the world in worse situations than mine.  at least i had a place to live.
when i don't dare think, i dare to dream.
my baby girl came into the world at 4:35 am, august 18, 1994.  i am fourteen years old and very, very scared.
one of jaycee's dreams for the future while she was a prisoner was to write a best seller, let's do this for her.


Alicia said...

i bought the book, but haven't started it yet....maybe today! can't wait to read it.

Anonymous said...

I found her story incredibly inspiring and humbling.

Anonymous said...

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