last night i cried myself to sleep.

i had to walk away.  my choices were to take my computer out the front door and throw it in the yard, find the largest branch that might have fallen and repeatedly hit the computer over and over until it was in shambles.  that is what i really wanted to do.  what i did was walk away.  i set my computer down and walked into our bedroom, shut the door so i could hear no noise and put the remainder of the laundry away that had been waiting for me all weekend.  one after another i hung all our shirt, put the remainder of clothes in the drawers and the tears began to flow.  flow because every pictures that i had ever taken beside the ones that were taken with my phone...


years and years and years of life.  memories fresh in my mind but with the picture to prove it, gone.  and with those thoughts i cried myself to sleep.


other than that major mishap and frustrating end to sunday night, it was a good weekend.  since combining all our things when we got married, we had not organized.  life happens and time flashes before your eyes and next thing you know it is july and organization still has not happened. so we started with the basement, not a job wither one of us were willing to do alone, but together it wasn't that bad.  today it is completely organized.  then we tackled our clothing, we went through what we are not wearing and will not and took a very plentiful load to goodwill.  with more to follow for sure.  we are so blessed with an over abundance of things, and in that blessing i need to remember to be more generous with what i do have.  it is easy to consistently and constantly think about yourself and that new thing you just need...only a year later to see it in the give away pile.

happens to me and it happens to you.


one of brad's presents for his birthday was a gift certificate to his favorite place in the whole wide world, grimeys new and used music.  if you are ever in nashville and love music, you should go.  if you are in nashville and have never been...put the computer down and head there now.  if you love vinyls, be still your beating heart.
he got lots and lots of vinyls and only had to pay $8.00.  (and a free bag) can't beat that for some cheap entertainment.

another present was a gift certificate to taco mamacitos...we had never been and were excited to go to everyones favorite place.  after all, didn't want to be out of the loop for to long.  so we headed out as a reward for cleaning and organizing and had lunch (fo' free!) together and it did not disappoint...
it was a good weekend, every emotion under the sun...but good and now i am on to take new pictures and make new memories captured (and saved on an external hard drive).

thankful that i have such an incredible life and even though my pictures are gone, i have the memories that's really all you need.  

after all, once brad and i were in beverly hills, california for a visit and had just gotten our elevator in the hotel we were staying and in walked vince mcmahon and his daughter stephanie.  brad, being a life long wrasslin' fan, had a heart attack then and there and i (of course) stayed completely composed, since i was just trying to figure out why brad was on the floor having a seizure (i'm kidding!) and also trying to figure out who the people were in the elevator with us that had brad in a tailspin.  then vince said, "what floor?" to his daughter and she said, "ummm, the penthouse..." totally put out that he did not know that, i think she swung her ponytail too.  like, duh?  then i figured they might be famous and then i looked down and saw his nice expensive italian leather luggage as i adjusted my new very bradley on my arm...shew that was a long elevator ride.  

bing.  floor three.  we is here!  not the penthouse, folks.  brad and i step off the elevator, and brad says "you DO know who that was, right?" and i (DUH!) say, "of course i do!" then he told me...shew and i pulled it off that i knew all along.  wipe the brow, shew, close one, probably why he married me.  i really did think it was vince but had not idea who his daughter was...  then we went downstairs to the bar area and all of the the wrasslers were down there.  and so we hung out amongst the large men with large muscles and all was well.

and brad, ever since that day has said he was glad we didn't have pictures, because its almost better to just have the memory.  i disagreed and thought it would have been better to in fact have pictures.  but today, i think he was right.  

who needs pictures any way?  

and that was a looooong story to get to that paragraph.


Alicia said...

i am so sorry you lost your precious photos! i can't imagine. as a matter of fact, i'm on it! i'm going to get my photos backed up this week! i will do it! thanks for the reminder!

jessica said...

i know, i am pretty disheartened today, but life goes on. the most frustrating thing is when my computer shut down is when i had turned it on with the external hard drive ready to go to back it up. i mean, the timing. back yours up today!

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