dear diary: virginia is for lovers.

Today Brad and I are headed to Virginia - Charlottesville to be exact. I've never been and he's going to show me the sites. Currently we are stuck in traffic which is always an added bonus to a road trip.

I just finished putting on a TON of mascara (like my eye lids have five pound weights) so I can wear a hat today and look cool, instead of looking homeless. I also have very large earrings on, so maybe I can pull off "cool girl in a hat look." I've never done it before but today I'm hopeful. Last week I read a book with the quote, hope is a dangerous word, because it leaves room for disappointment.

Yesterday while I was helping the fellas clean their playroom, after one of them said, "Ms. Jessica, I wish we were triples." and after I died, I picked myself up and responded without missing a beat, "me too, me too." I decided to go ahead with trying on their bleach blond wig in their dress up clothes, I did. It was horrible. So bad, my skin looked orange and I looked like a real housewife reject - I decided that maybe, just maybe I COULD pull off a hat IN public. So the fedora and I are a pair today. I plan on rocking it. I'll let you know.

Upppp, traffic is over and we are off.

Next stop, Charlottesville. Unless I have to go to the bathroom then well have to stop before.

Putting on my hat...

Oh wow.

I look homeless. I do. Homeless with a ton of mascara.

Dear Hope, I am not going to let you disappoint me today. So come on, my cool little hat from H & M, we are going to be BFF's today.
Here's hoping,


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