dear diary: wine = 1, jessica = 0.

Today was a long, fun day. After arriving in Charlottesville at our hotel, we went in to decompress, stretch and the like after a long car ride. After greeting us with a smile and offering their best SMOKING room where the hallways smell like nursing homes, I'm not complaining just painting a word picture. I want you to experience the greatness with me...

Nursing home smell mixed with smoke. It was an awesome knock you in the face greeting, except when we walked in the room and shut the door it was perfect. The sheets were white (thank you Jesus, this girl only does white sheets) and clean, and the room was more than we needed PLUS it smelt fine, like nothing. No nursing home.

As I was saying...we decided to chill out for a while before we attacked the downtown activities. Except two minutes after we walked in the room, so did someone else.

Ummm. Double booked possibly? Ummm. Not okay.

So Brad yelled (before they came all the way in), "someone's in here, shut the door!" they stood there for a second and then shut the door.

Its looking like the Dukes might be getting a free night...Holla!?

Brad complained. They said sorry with a smile. Ugh.

Downtown here we come. Except will our belongings be there when we get back since we are sharing a room? Downtown was fun, and breezy and the weather was perfection. Two of the Duggar children (that's a joke, but I do think they were their cousins...) were juggling to an audience and we just missed Dave Matthews with his children in the wine shop. (Charlottesville is happening, I tell ya.)

'Cause you KNOW I would have so played it cool and pretend to text all the while I was taking a picture of Dave and his chil'hen. Good thing we missed him, I might have embarrassed myself (and Brad...), possibly Dave and his chil'hen.

After eating at the Nook while reading a local publication, The Hook (hahahaha hahaha ha) we headed home to visit our roomies and crack open that wine.

Except...when I opened the RED wine I got more than I bargained for and it exploded all over my new shirt, tank top, camera bag and hotel decorative pillow.

Currently, the shirt and tank are soaking in a sink of water and soap, the pillow has been scrubbed and is drying over the air conditioning might be frozen in the morning BUT it WILL be clean and dry.


P.S. While getting some frozen yogurt tonight after dinner, the little boy in front of me said, "what is that???" and pointed to what looked like jello. I said, "I think it's jello" responding appropriately and sweetly. He said, "it's NOT jello!" as he shook his head in disapproval.

Sorry kid! I'm about to go back to the hotel and explode a bottle of wine all over everything...what do I know?



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