dear diary: i wore cut off denim shorts to the opera.

It's a true story. I have always dreamt (dreamt? dreamed?) of going to the opera. I would wear a very fancy dress with sparkles, my hair would be long and curly and the man in my arm would be attractive. We would sit in the balcony and have those old timey binoculars. It would be perfect. I think I might have watched pretty woman one to many times. At least I just latched onto that one part in the movie and not Julia Roberts career...

Today, after going to Monticello, Thomas Jeffersons home, for those of you who may not know...we headed to the outdoor mall downtown Charlottesville because:
1. I am addicted to the frozen yogurt already.
2. That's what the cool people do.
After eating lunch at Millers (my husband told me Dave Matthews used to work there and I believe him), we saw that the King and I opera version was playing the local theatre. After debating for a whiiiiiiile we decided to go. To the opera.

Let me tell you about my attire:
1. No shower.
2. Forgot to pack deodorant.
3. Could not find a drug store.
4. Straw fedora and ponytail.
5. Shirt, cute.
6. Shorts, cut off denim (jorts) and raggedy cool in a "I am trying to be hip but would never dream of going to the opera in these things" kinda way.
7. Sandals.

So of course after the decision was made, I looked down and said "whoops" and "oh my Lord. I haven't showered today and I have a hat on and jorts and I am going to the opera."

Once when Brad and I were in LA, we went to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. They said, "Morrison!" when we got there and escorted us to the front row where later Jay called Brad on the stage and they talked and when Jay came out for the show, we were on tv shaking his hands.

That was then. We had showered.

This is now.

We looked at our tickets and they were on the very back row. Great seats, but the "ohhhhhh, so you have NO clue what to wear to the opera seats" AND "you haven't showered either!" seats.

I decided if we were judged for our attire, I would just tell them we were from out of town and to LAY OFF! Okay, I didn't decide to say that, I just decided to go with it and embrace the dirty look. And let me tell ya, I rocked it.

The show was awesome. Good decision and GREAT last night in Charlottesville. Tomorrow, we are headed to Pembroke, VA to see where Dirty Dancing was filmed. Awesome, huh?

Nobody puts baby in the corner,

P.S. The only part of my dream of going to the opera that was accurate was the man on my arm. He WAS attractive. And still is.


Alicia said...

oh my! i want to go see where dirty dancing was filmed! awesome! "spaghetti arms!" "i carried a watermelon?" of my favorite movies EVER! pics please!

jessica dukes said...

I know! "I carried a watermelon!?" love that line. I can't wait...we are headed there now. I've been singing "join hands and heart and voices, voices hearts and hands..." all morning. :-)

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