making a home.

so we all know that i have my chil'hen that i write about and gush about weekly, then there's mr. bwad that i am rather fond of as well...but i have one more love that i think about and spend time doing...


my best friend and i thought about going to design school, long ago, but i decided to be a beauty school drop out instead.  when brad and i got married, i wanted to make a home for US.  a home that when he came home, he was relaxed and enjoyed because it was a peaceful place to enjoy our life together.  i think having a home that is put together and your own taste makes for a habitat that you enjoy and can relax...and i am also very visual, so that could have a little to do with it was well.
candles - pier one
yellow flower pillows - target
quilt - my grandmother made, and my aunt june quilted

this is a banner that we bought to use at our wedding, but it is so stinkin' cool, that i thought i might as well use it in our house as well.  i am all about using things you love, so hung it up...i did.
i love it.
we also have one that says 'gifts" from the wedding, maybe if i hung it up somewhere, every time we had visitors they would bring us gifts...
now there's a thought...

i found these gold letter wall hangings at urban outfitters, and love them in our entrance, i think they add a lot of personality and are just fun!

decorate with what you love, no matter what it is...what's your favorite thing in your house?

p.s. recently wrote this about lil' ole me!...
Thank you JessicaDukes the brilliant bloggess at MorrisonLane for my newest and most addictive blog finds: 1) her and 2) NIENIE.
For those of you who haven't had the visual pleasure, first off stumble over toMorrison Lane. Her photography is breathtaking and her pieces are witty and covered in baby gooeyness and are great for that quick taste of a pickmeup. I myself am often covered in snarky sarcasm with a pill of whatsupwithyou? or two. And I won't lie, I love my besties for that same general principle. My twitter feeds follow a stream of random nonsense and Iatekittensandtheytasteyummy bits. But that is all neither here nor there and if you like a bit of Mary Poppins with a dash of Audrey Hepburn and Lucille Ball, she is your girl. Sometimes our snarkiness needs covered in sunflowers, poppies and cuteness.
how nice is she?  she made my monday...and tuesday!  heck, she made my week!  thanks my dear darla!

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