don't stop believin'...

we all know that song by ABBA, and sing it along whenever we have been lucky enough to see mama mia...which if you haven't seen, go go go.  add it to the bucket list and make it happen.

see that girl (boy in this case...),
watch that scene,
diggin' the dancing queen (king...)...

two weekends ago, brad and i went to knoxville to see his friend get married, and along with a wonderful wedding, the reception became a full on dance party by my better half.
when "don't stop believin'!" came on...
fuuuuugetabout it.
boy went crazy.
and thank goodness he brought his air guitar for his musical instrumentation number or that stage would have been lonely.
and do i ever get a thank you or an honorable mention when he accepts those best dancer awards?  
no.  nothing.
i mean, someone has to be behind the scenes taking the shots so he can have memories to last a lifetime.  
he owes me.
oh, the life of a dancers wife...

don't stop believing y'all.  

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