dirty dancing! (and some instagrams for your friday)

get your mind out of the gutter, i am not about to post pictures of me dirty dancing (not that there is any) or any one else.  it's DIRTY DANCING, the movie.  brad and i went to see where to movie was filmed and i felt like i was walking hand in hand with johnny, except he's not real and my name is not baby.  my middles name IS frances though...so it could happen.  i was walking hand in hand with brad and that was so much better any way.

"nobody puts baby in the corner."

i feel like there might be a lot of OMG!!!'s needed in this blog from a girl that doesn't do abbreviations or OMGS!, because i am so excited to share with you all the pictures of our day there, it was really really exciting.  i think one of the reasons it was so awesome was because it was like they were going to film tomorrow, it was like you had stepped back in time and suddenly you were an extra on the set and if you went into the right room...you just might see johnny and baby doing their thing on the dance floor.

i tried to talk brad into getting in the lake so we could do a lift, he turned me down.  then i tried to talk him into me running and doing a a lift all dramatic like, and still i was turned down.  then there was the log, just maybe he would walk on the log with my OVER the water.  no, nothing.

so i just began to sing "join hands and hearts and voices, voices hearts and hands" over and over again and got louder with each overture and he decided that maybe the lift wasn't such a bad idea.

i mean, are you as excited as me about this?  because dirty dancing is THE BEST MOVIE EVER!

i will tell you this...(and i really hope my mom still has no computer and does not read my blog, when i checked this morning things were still the same...if so, i am in trouble.)...we didn't have a television growing up, for no reason other than my dad felt like there wasn't anything great on the tv, so for no other reason than that, he made the choice that our family would not have one.  and it was good and fine...


aunt sheron had a tv.

she loved to watch movies and funny enough, i loved to go to her house all the time.  i would walk to her house daily (morrison lane, remember?  she lived at the end)  to visit and to hang out with her, not to watch tv really, but just see her because i love her and enjoyed spending time with her.  well...one day she introduced me to dirty dancing, and we watched it about once a week and all the time after that.  i knew i was not allowed to watch movies like that, so i would watch with my eyes glued to the screen and my ears honed into the sound of the tractor and as soon as i would hear it, i would watch for my daddy to appear, and if he stayed outside, i would continue watching, but on those days he came in for lunch...well, those days i had to put baby and johnny in the corner because if not, i knew i would be the one in the corner.
1.  baby's cabin
2.  pretty rocks (nothing to do with anything)
3.  gazebo where her dad sat in the rocking chair when he told her he was really disappointed in her...
4.  a stone with a passage in memory of patrick swayze
1.  the lake where they did the lift.
2.  my husband is cuter than yours dot com
3.  a look at the whole kellermans (mountain lake) resort
4.  kellermans
1.  where they pulled up in their car as they were arriving to the resort, right after baby's daddy told her she wanted to save the world
2.  baby's cabin from a far...
3.  the dining room where her family ate and he met max, and johnny happened to walk through...and she said, "who is that???" (as would i)
4.  up close and personal with baby's estate
1.  a closer view of the rock
2.  baby and johnny's chairs while shooting!!!  how cool is that?!?

now moving on...instagrams for the week.
(the selection is kinda sad this week)
1.  the fellas has their girlfriends over, one has a broken arm that i forgot to sign.  darn!
2.  we started flag football, which means boiling of the mouthguards. hooray.
3.  the wooten brothers playing at our friends wedding! awesome!
4.  my handsome groom...and the actual groom at the wedding.
5.  break in summertime with some tv (not dirty dancing, i promise!)
6.  the belcourt theatre in nashville.

have a good weekend, let me know your instagram name and i will follow you!
mine is morrisonlane (i like to keep things simple like that...)


Summer said...

The night shot of the theatre is awesome!

jessica dukes said...

thanks! I got really lucky! I got a lot of "likes" on instagram. It's pretty cool, I agree. :-) thank you for the sweet compliment, summer.

hannah singer said...

love all these great instas! wow, and the theater one is my fave, too! xo

jessica dukes said...

thanks hannah! lucky shot. :-)

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