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"you is kind, you is smart, you is important."  if you haven't seen 'the help' yet, you should probably stop reading my blog and head to your local theatre to see it.  it is a powerful movie and a must see to add to your list.  brad and i went to see it on sunday and we both loved it.  while we were there, the new 'footloose' preview was on which made me very excited...and brad looked at me and said, "no, no way...don't even think about it."  oh he'll come, i can talk him into it, i know i can.  i'll get back to you about this (if i win...).

tonight, i walked him into watching 'soul surfer' so things seem to be going my way...and he even held my hand while we were watching, it doesn't take much to make this girl happy.  man, i love that guy.  watch soul surfer too...the heart and courage of bethany hamilton is overwhelming - what a great movie about her life.  surfing looks impossible to me and she makes it look easy with one arm.  

i didn't realize this blog was going to turn into "what to watch..." but, there you have it.  i have made your weekend plans for ya, you can thank me later.  really, if you have seen either or both of the movies,  let me know what you thought.  i loved them both.
speaking of watching movies, lil bit loves her some barney.  sometimes before nap, we watch him and love all twenty four minute of his purple self and his lovely singing voice (insert sarcasm) - i explained to her yesterday as i was sitting ON the couch FACING the television that she might want to sit with me so she could see better.

twenty four minutes.  she sat like that and did not move.

later, we are going for neck massages.

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