{charlottesville} virginia is for lovers.

if you have never been to charlottesville, virginia, you should go. it is perfect and lovely. brad and i went two weekends ago for a relaxing long weekend (i might have mentioned this one or TEN times previously...) and had a wonderful time seeing the sites and taking in everything.  brad had been lots before and we decided to go so he could show me the sites.  

i am a lucky girl.

the downtown mall area is awesome and the window shopping is heaven for the eyes...
brad found the ugliest most awesome t shirt ever, but he decided against buying it after i pretended i didn't know him as he was purchasing it.  just kidding, i don't care what he buys...but is WAS terrible awesome!  i digress.  (and i did walk away and pretend i didn't know him...maybe...)
the virginia country side is beautiful, being from tennessee, we have rolling hills as well, and maybe it was 'the no where to be, no schedule' eyes of beauty that i saw, but gorgeous it was.
monticello, the home of thomas jefferson was a must see if you go, and OF COURSE you will have to stand in this huge tree for YOUR photo op, because we DID stand in line for this picture.

and.  it.  was.  worth.  it.
we heard dave matthews was in the area the saturday we were there, but we didn't see him.  and YOU KNOW i was looking, with my camera in focus and ready at all times.

nerd alert?  perhaps.
and i will leave you with this...one of our favorite scenes from our favorite television series...

can you name that show?


Angee said...

I love old cities with lots of history. That's funny that you stood in line for the tree stump. Cool photo op though.

jessica dukes said...

I know, me too. It was so charming! I can't wait to visit agaiN, have you been?

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

I love Monticello! It's by far my favorite presidential home (it totally kicks Mt. Vernon's butt)! Which reminds me I've gone to Charlottesville a couple of times in the past few years and haven't gone back.

Going on my to-do list!

jessica dukes said...

I need to go to my vernon too! and we have the hermitage here in Nashville and I need to go there too! Haven't been since I was in elementary school! :-) Monticello was incredible...yes, you must go back!

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