fardons and farmers market.

last week i had the pleasure of spending some time with my favorite blond headed beauties. we met at the farmers market and had such a good time walking around and smelling all the sweet smells all around us and wiping the sweet sweat from all ventricles of our body...shew, this is a hot summer in nashville! any time i get to see these three (and their parents) it's a good good day.
my best friends gal tagged along for the ride.  hj and mik met when they were little little and from the start of their friendship, they have always had a special bond. only five months apart in age, they are truly best friends even though distance keeps them from seeing each other often.  hj lives in chicago now and mik in nashville. but when they see each other they turn into the best ten year old girls ever. we were on a drive to the park and i had them in the back seat and i heard one of them say to the other,
who is your best friend?  well, other than me of course...who is it?
and without missing a beat, the other said,
you.  you are my best friend.  and other than that, i just have friends.
when they started kindergarten at the same school, they were very nervous that because they looked so similar if they happened to get the same teacher, there would be NO WAY she would be able to tell them apart. i think they might still feel the same way. afterall, they do favor each other heavily.

when i see them together, it makes me sad that i didn't know mik's mom and bessie, my best friends sooner in this life. we pose for the same pictures still, with our arms wrapped around each other and the love we feel for each other is undeniable and not a day goes by that i am not so so thankful to have them in my life.

good girlfriends are such a core to my life. i have been so blessed to have friends that love me no matter what, and knowing that they will love me no matter what sometimes makes a difference in a good day and a bad day. knowing they are just a text or phone call away.
big o is hj's little brother, he loves me a lot. every time i see him, his eye light up and he runs and gives me the best hug ever. he also thinks his sister and her friends are crazy! (bet that will change when she is sixteen and he is fifteen...)
that little one, well, pictures are limited because he is not into pictures OR hugs.  no way.  no thanks.

nashville farmers market was a good host to an even better day.

happy monday.

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