its instagram friday (aka weekly photo dump).

this past weekend, the second brad and i got off, we hit the road for a quick trip to charlottesville, virginia. i had never been and we were due a road trip, so to charlottesville we headed.
such a fun city, there is always something to do and see. and it's just all around lovely. the first night we were there, we ate at a little diner (we love us a good diner) called the nook, and while we were there we read a local publication called the hook.
we read the hook in the nook.
and i thought that was huuuuularious and ran that joke into the ground.
bless brad's heart, man has a lot of patience.
 we also ate at a little pub called millers in the outdoor downtown mall, and when i was handed the menu, i noticed the saturday special was the 'nacho burger' and i immediately thought, "oh my lord, that sounds horrible, WHO would order that?"
waitress came to take our order, "i'll have the nacho burger" said brad - i threw up in my mouth just a little.  and it looked as disgusting as it sounded.
possibly it was delicious, i will never know.

by the way, those bricks up there...monticello.
thomas jefferson might have walked there.
that's cool.

oh lord, i would accidentally put the nacho burger picture in twice!
sweet frog became our local hang out.  because the frozen yogurt was gluten and sugar free and AWESOME.
the OPERA!!!  brad took me to the opera to see the king and i.
and IT WAS awesome.

then, baaaack to reality to these three sweet faces.
she has decided that shirts are optional in her life since her brothers tend to never wear them.

we drew pictures of our families yesterday and this is the best i could do.
watch out...i might be a budding artist.
or maybe not.

happy instagram friday!
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yay!  happy friday!

p.s.  i am doing a little maintenance on the blog, so if things seem crazy around here, i'm sorry.  soon we will be running smoothly!


Amy said...

sweet sweet kiddos! Those curls are to die for! Glad you enjoyed a little getaway! Have a great weekend!

jessica dukes said...

Hey Amy, what's your instagram name and I'll follow you. :-) thanks for the sweet comment. And the curls...she ALWAYS gets her way...I would too if I was that cute!

Amy said...

amywdupree...thought those were your kids until I read a little more. what a treat to have such a fun nanny who captures pictures of everything!! You'll make a fabulous mom when the time comes!!!

Shannon said...

Sweet curls! Love these photos!

our story said...

looks like a fun trip! Love the curls....shirts are often optional for my little girl too.

jessica dukes said...

yes, at least i only have half the laundry! :-)

Summer said...

I love your family drawing! You should totally frame it!

I'm Holly said...

I like that you call it Instagram Friday (photo dump). I feel that way too, only in my case it would be photo dump...for grandma. Nice that you included the nacho burger twice, it looks super yummy

Anonymous said...

Lol about the hook at the nook bahahaha that's something I would have done and my hubs would have given me that "Idk this crazy wacko" look lol

jessica dukes said...

haha, the burger was so gross looking, but he ate every bite!

i love the family drawing too...everything i draw looks JUST like that. i am limited in the artistic ability.

yeah, i am still saying hook in da nook aaaand still laughing!!! haha

Amy said...

Looks like a great road trip!

jessica dukes said...

it was great, charlottesville is a lovely city!

Holly said...

Hooray for spontaneous road trips! Sometimes that's just what you need. I like how you captures lots of the details around you too.

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