frisipee fun.

recently, the little fellas and lil bit spent the evening at br. bwads house. it is actually mr. bwad AND ms. jessica's house, yes. but to them i am just the ole nanny, and they like to leave me out of the cool equation and since mr. bwad is way cooler than i'll ever have a chance at being...

our house es mr. bwad's casa.

it was less than ninety degrees out, so we decided to throw some "frisipee" and play in the out of doors.  the little fellas get soooo hot, their shirts must come off immediately. you know how cool it is to show that big bad chest of yours when you are six...
actually, i have no idea, since i am a girl and usually (always) keep my upper half clothed, by bottom half too just in case you are wondering, but i can imagine it must be fantastic.
we have established many many moons ago, that she has a crush on my husband. it is getting to be beyond rediculous,  she's a bwad hog. pretty much, and the feeling...well, it's mutual.
after all, she DID take her first steps to him after weeks and months of cooing and encouraging by her mom and me.  nothing.
brad...six steps.
bitter?  i'm not bitter, why do you ask?
just last week, he was over one afternoon and she grabbed his face with both hands and said, "i wuv eww bwad." really? because all i get when i say, "i love you" to her is..."too!"  
she replies with "too" and thinks that's good enough, but not for bwad, she lays it on thick.
 it's undeniable.

guess who was on the other end of that frisipee playing? oh yeah, you guessed it. because when i tried to play all i got was a "no caca. not."  
that's the thanks i get for keeping her clean, changing her diaper, wiping her nose, picking her ears and fixing her hair.
"no caca.  not!"
but really, no site is sweeter to me when i see the man that i love more than anything with one of the children that i spend my days and some nights with and love them as they are my own, being intrinsically kind to the children and wanting to spend his afternoons and nights with me and in turn with them.
and lil bit on the other hand, if she could just master the art of sitting like mr. bwad...
it'd be a good good day.

p.s.  in our house we call frisbee "frisipee" and star wars "star warriors."  try and tell them different and you will loose.  

p.s.s.  an hour of my day today was spent getting bubble gum off of a six year olds arms and hands.  it was glorious.  no gum for a week.  maybe two.

or ever.

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