i am not a morning person and my parents came over at 6:45 am. {yawn}

friday morning, brad had just left for work - it was 6:30 am and i was not planning on telling him that i was going to sneak back into bed and sleep til ooooooohhhhhhhh 8:30... i am not a great sleeper and was just looking forward to a little more sleep, but then i noticed that i had missed a call from my mom.

my dad has parkinson's disease and dementia associated with the parkinsons.  he JUST got out of hospital for having gallstones and pancreatitis so when she calls at six in the morning, it might be an emergency.

i called her back and she said in her southern voice full of life: 
"jessica, we are at shoneys in nashville!  come join us!"  
"oh mom, it's 6:30...i just can't."
i mean, i am a go with the flow kinda gal, but it WAS 6:30 and I DO need my sleep.  give a girl a break. so she said:
"well, we will just come over then.  we'll be there in five minutes."
here's where i tell you, my readers ---- please feel sorry for me and let me whine just a little...please?  it is 6:45 and my parents are coming over.  i am sleepy.  i have pajamas on.  and want to not talk and go back to bed.  so i did what any good daughter would do whose parents decide to visit her at sun up.  put a pot of coffee on, straightened the pillows on the couch, made the bed and threw on some clothes and combed my hair.

i didn't comb my hair.  i was just seeing if you were paying attention.

my mom likes to talk.  i do not like to talk in the mornings.  sooooooo we talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked some more.

then i made my parents let me take their pictures.  i figured if you are going to visit me at the break of dawn, if i say SMILE!, you better smile.
and seriously!  when did my parents become cute?  because they just are.  i mean, come on.  they are pretty precious.  i mean, i know they are MY parents, but give it to me.  they are cute.

two facts:
1.  my mom should have been an actress.  i promise you if she moved to hollywood tomorrow she could get a job in a feature film.  she just has IT.  i did not inherit that gene for i do not have IT.  i perform for three kids daily, that's my best audience.  
2.  my dad, since he has dementia - yes, it is sad, but he is suddenly gone from a man of little words to a man who is rather chatty and FUNNY.

and on that note, i was shooting away and he just struck me as funny.  he was standing so straight and soldier like and doing everything i was telling him to do.  "dad, put your chin down.  now look at me.  dad, me.  look at me."  and i started DYING laughing because, look at him!
"mom, move out of the picture real quick!"  
"dad, look at me!"
"jane, why are y'all laughing at me?"
"what's so funny?"  as his thirty five year is literally sitting on the ground laughing.  i am mature, hear me roar.
"you are dad! because you're cute!"

it was not a morning that i had planned but a morning that i will always remember.  it was delightful and glorious.

and i have the pictures to prove it.


MaryBeth said...

What a precious morning! Love the pictures - thanks for sharing them with us!
Love you too! Can't believe you are all grown up and married!

Cookie said...

Love the pics & the story, love you, really enjoy all your posts.

Melissa said...

Oh my gosh, I need to meet your parents! They are too cute! Great post!!!

jessica dukes said...

Thanks girls! They are pretty awesome! Even before 7 am. :-)

Alicia said...

i'm beginning to wish i'd named my kids roy and jane! too cute! i know you will always cherish these memories!

Angee @ Sunshine in my life said...

What a sweet story. Your parents are adorable.

jessica dukes said...

Thanks Angie. They really are. They are a good example to me of what marriage should be. I've been married five months...they have been married 50 years!

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