the weepies at the belcourt and {happy monday.}

thursday night was one of those just right nights where your heart is full and the seat beside you is filled with the one you love. i have long been a fan of the weepies since my sweet friend pam and her sister amy made me a mixed CD of music for my 31st birthday containing several of their incredible lyrics combined with their perfect harmony.

i am a fan, if you haven't heard of them - find them, devour them, go see them and hang on every word of their perfect perfect sound. i have been waiting four years to see them.

and thursday night did not disappoint.
my friend pam who introduced me was at the show three seats away from me.  while i was taking this shot, my phone vibrated and i looked and she had texted me "johnny (base player) needs some bigger pants."  and i almost dropped my camera, phone and purse because i was trying to contain my laughter because johnny DID need some bigger pants.
really it was an all kinda perfect night. i was nervous with anticipation as we stood in line to go inside the theatre and well enough reason. because they delivered.
and you know me, i love me some kids and when i saw this...they were deemed even cooler than cool in my book. cause i ain't never seen a double wide stroller parked beside a bus.  

oh those weepies are making me all weepie.

and just because i love you, i will leave you with my favorite song. i busted out my expert iphone video camera to snatch this bad boy.  and go ahead, comment and tell me that i should be a video-ographer with that steady hand o' mine.  {a.k.a.  maybe you should just turn the volume up and listen as you go about your business for you miiiiiiiiight get dizzy...or weepie. baaaaaaaaaaaaa haha}

happy monday!

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