instagram friday.

i'm teaming up with life rearranged for another instagram friday this week...and while you are scavenging all these great blogs thanks to her lovely page, don't neglect to leave her a comment as well.

let's all take a deep breath together and say "yay!!! it's friday! finally!" and EVEN BETTER, it's a loooong weekend.

here's what's been going on in my neck of the woods (you can take a girl out of the country, but not the country out of the girl...)
 1.  misser bwat that we have graduated to calling him instead of bwad and 
lil bit have a crush on each other.  
2.  the three amigos all clean and ready for bed.  don't you love the smell of freshly 
bathed kids with wet heads?  its the best!
3.  my shadow.  everywhere i go, she is there.  i'm the lucky one.
4.  i am trying to talk misser bwat into getting this puppy, so far my talks have not been too convincing.
i even went as far as letting him have the liberties to name the little guy.
doesn't he look like he needs us?
5.  i organized all the dvds and wii games this week.  and the job was more than i bargained for...
wonder how long the organizational cabinet loveliness will last with two six year old boys in the house?
6.  misser bwat took me to waffle house for dinner on a date.  i am THAT lucky.  don't be jealous.
7.  she waits til her brothers leave for school and then scavenges their breakfast.
it's possibly her favorite time of the day.
it's possibly mine too, because she is the clean up crew.
8.  seriously.  natural light, i love you.  and look at those sweet little lips.
9.  sooooooooooo, chic fil a is being built across from my house and i found this out on thursday. 
and today i am still excited about this discovery.
i mean, does news get better than this?
waaaaa hoooooooo.
10.  yesterday was her second day of preschool
girl is worn out.

i'm excited for the weekend, some of our best friends are getting married 
and we are headed out of town for a long weekend o' love.  
i love love.

happy weekend!
what are your plans?

p.s.  this day five months ago, i married my best friend, misser bwat.
every day i love him a little more than the day before.
i love you.
check out HIS blog.  he's waaaay cooler than me.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sweet blog love!! :)

So stinkin excited you guys will have a chick fil a soon!!!! And your kids are so adorable!!!!

The Morris Family said...

luv that #3 pic!!! she is adorable!!!

.....and thank u for stopping by!!!

Melissa said...

That puppy is so cute! I would love one right now but three kids is enough at the moment. haha
And I am so jealous you have a chik fil a across from you! Mmmmm waffle fries.

Kimberley said...

Cute pics! My sister, too, got naming privledges for their dog. The one she had no say about. ;) Good luck with that!

jessica dukes said...

thanks girls for the comments! So far I'm still losing on the puppy wars, but will post pictures when I win. Because you know I will!!!

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