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we are two weeks into kindergarten at the little fellas house and lil bits...lil bit started ballet or "bawwe" as she calls it two tuesdays ago and then this tuesday she started going to preschool two days a week.  and i miss her.  i miss her sweet face always with me and her being my shadow...that no matter where i was in the house, unless i was vacuuming...she was right there.  often slipping her little hand in mine as we went throughout our day.  i miss her little voice saying "fun caca!" when we are just doing our norm...unloading the dishwasher or maybe folding clothes.  

sappy sappy nanny.  so i like my job.

lori is getting married september 30th at the beach and this past weekend was her first tea at her parents church in clarksville.  i brought my camera to capture every moment, then i got stuck writing the gift list. stuck writing the gift list is kinda a dream though seeing that if i could not be a nanny or a mom or a photographer or and interior designer or martha stewart, i would want to be a calligrapher.  i love writing and all things associated with making letters and how they are shaped and formed.  
no telling what i was telling her.  apparently i wasn't very believe-able.  and holy moly jessica has long hair.  good grief. i just cut bangs too, it's my ever evolving attempt to be cool.  it's a hard job.

i am weird.  hear me roar.  

i can not tell you the countless hours i have probably spent in my life time just thinking about my childrens names and what they will look like written out.  i have even had to veto a few great names just because when written out they are not pretty.  yes, i know...that's a little extreme and crazy.  look, don't judge me.  it's my blog. 

at least you have my greatest assurance that when brad and i do have children that we will pick a name that looks great when written...
                      merry christmas!
brad, jessica and whatever the childs name is.

oh yeah.  i do this too.  write it out and trust me it looks great.  i would tell you the name of the child's name that i have been writing since i was five but then you might steal it because it's awesome and then we would have kids with the same name and that just wouldn't be cool.  so you'll have to wait.  i know you are on pins and needles.

ugh, and after the shower sunday when i got home there was this guy.  and then he was in our back yard again on tuesday morning.  let's remember we had the mouse invasion on monday night.  the whole wildlife is about to do this girl in...  so what's your verdict?  ladies...hand the computer screen to your husband and ask him too.  is it a coyote, because i think it is?  is it a grey fox?  dog?  it's NOT a dog.
he is like living in our back yard, he has a den back there and i don't like it one bit.  what do i need to do about this varmint? because we are not taking actors for the fox and the hound 2 around here...help me.

and then there is this every day when i get to work, except we were headed to the pool to meet her brothers this day and i kept saying, "hey, hey, let me see your swim suit!  let me see your belly!"  and run away she would and say instead, "no caca not.  no pictures."  

 but i will say a week and a half into kindergarten, these big boys in this house are tired.  it's hard being in school all day all of the sudden after a carefree summer.  and we are feeling it.

one day of school and all she wants is a 'clues clues' marathon.  laying there without moving.  tired.
like i said, tired.  every last one of us.  here's to thursday 
and friday just being around the corner.

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