i regret to inform you that this happened to me last night while in my own home. it is a rather sad story so get your tissues. true story.

deep breaths.  i can do this.

last night while bessie, brad and i were three deep on the couch watching the bachelor pad (don't judge.  if you don't watch it, you want to. it's by far the best drama on television.  oh, it is too.), we were engrossed in another outburst of tears from melissa and the fact that girl can stir her yogurt faster than no other.  and all this time, i had no idea greek yogurt even needed to be stirred. that's neither here nor there and i am off the subject. as engrossed we were in this, suddenly brad goes 'uuugh' and make an odd jerking 'like i might be kinda scared kinda way' and his eyes were on the floor. so i looked to wince he was looking and i saw the rodent run across the floor.

remember this blog post?  mouse in da house.

oh.  my.  lord.  dot.  com.

and i screamed and immediately grabbed the blanket on the back of the couch and threw it over my head and screamed some more while arriving in the fetal position. brad and bessie told me to calm down. i told them...nothing, because i was screaming. bessie told me to calm down again, i told her to shove it. bessie also told me that i might be over reacting (ya think?), i told her nothing and continued to scream.

while my thirty five year old self was in the fetal position with a blanket over my face screaming, brad and bessie took action. brad, quick on his toes got the broom AND the mop, swiftly he handed bessie the mop and he kept the broom and their plan was to shoooooo the mouse out the door. i didn't have any words for i was screaming to tell them, "really, you REALLY think you two are going to shoo the mouse out of the door?" i just thought i would keep my opinions to myself since i was on the couch with a blanket over my head screaming.

they might ask me to grow up.

or even worse - to help.

this was all good and fine and the mouse successfully ran around and got closer to the door as bessie and brad scared the thing to the side of the room they wanted him with their mouse tools...broom and mop.



and brad said, "ummm, jessica.  he's under the couch!"

and i screamed and you now the rest and almost peed in my pants and screamed some more. and wanted to fly out of the room and get off of the couch because the mouse and i were now cohabiting in the same exact area.  and bessie and brad were poking at it with their brooms and mops. and i was screaming some more.  bessie told me to calm down again.

i didn't calm down again.

i screamed some more.

and then the mouse ran out the door.  for real.  he ran out the door.

and bessie and brad became my heros for real.  like more than michael jordan is my hero.  go bulls.

good lord.

so we unpaused the paused bachelor pad and want back to our positions on the couch and delved back into the drama.  and then...

a mouse ran across the floor in front of the tv....

it was a loooooooong night in the dukes household last night.  

p.s.  and while we are all laughing at my expense, thank you very much.  take a moment and read this: and then pray for drew, whitney and his parents.  thanks everyone.  and while you are at it, leave them a sweet note on their blog and tell them you are praying. comments on blogs are the best.  thanks for praying.


Our Typical Life said...

I'm reading a little of your blog and see mice AND a fox? Wow. I would be really creeped out to be inside or outside. Guess that is a pretty good excuse to spend all day at Target...

jessica dukes said...

haha. i know, when i had to go to work, i made a bee line for the car! i was freaking out!!! thanks for reading!

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