mouse in da house.

today i am on a break from work.  i left at 12:30 and will go back again at five.  when i worked at wendy's across from the mall when i was sixteen, we called those a split shift.  when you are a big and bad nanny you call them a...split shift.  except its better, because it allows you time in the afternoon to get things accomplished that you are too lazy to do after a full days work or that you just can't do at night.  

today's list looked like this:

1.  get brads policy # - call gieco combine insurance
2.  ymca
3.  tanning bed 
4.  grocery
5.  blog
6.  write book club review
7.  exercise

- ymca
-tanning bed
-student loan

rhetorical anyone?  sometimes it takes me a minute to get things, and today was that day, so i pretty much made the list twice.  i had a blog i had to post over at blogher, so i raced home to do that.  all according to my list, so it could be marked off.

6.  write book club review

i sat down at the table, kicked off my shoes and started working.  then i caught something out of the corner of my eye, so i looked to my right and my biggest fear embodied in two inches crawled across the floor.  


i squeaked.  and jumped on the table then made a loud noise on the table, then the mouse ran away.  and i did too.  i ran to my room and slammed the door and jumped on the bed, feet off the floor.  and emailed brad this:

From: Jessica Morrison [] 

Sent: Monday, August 01, 2011 1:30 PMTo: Brad Dukes

I just saw a mouse in our house!!!!! I am freaking out. I am deathly scared of them.


sent from my iPhone, please excuse any typos.  

On Aug 1, 2011, at 1:32 PM, "Brad Dukes" wrote:
Ahh!!!!!! No!!!!!!! where??
From: Jessica Morrison [] 
Sent: Monday, August 01, 2011 1:39 PMTo: Brad Dukes

In the living room. I was sitting at the computer working an itstantly was on the table. And then when he went away I ran to the bedroom. I have chills!!!


sent from my iPhone, please excuse any typos. 
He was ON the table??? Oh my God.  we have to set traps.  I want to jump out the window.

and then i could not stop laughing because i could only imagine what would have happened if i had been working at the table and a mouse was ON the table.  then and there, i would have died.  

so since this afternoon, the tv has been up loud and i have been stomping around the house and when i do sit down, i make sure my feet are tucked snug OFF the floor.
tomorrow i am getting one of these, i have NO IDEA what will happen if i catch that sucker, because there is NO WAY i can take it out.  

freaking out,

(this blog was written on yesterday when i was alone in my bed with the door slammed shut.


Darla said...

Oh my gosh that is hilarious. The last time a cat chased a mouse through the house my 6'2" 250lb manfriend grabbed me and we squealed like girls on a very small stepstool was yelling at my husband. KILL IT!!! He laughed as he picked up BY THE TAIL and set it outside. Oh boy you BLEACH those hands before touching me! Love you! My hero!

jessica dukes said...

can you even believe that this happened to me about three years ago as well. I was with my Kids I nanny for and their parents. The mouse ran by, I was instantly on the couch standing screaming so loud that I woke up all three kids I had just put to bed. A mouse loose, three awake kids that I woke up. awesome night. Ha

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