all of my life i have dreamed,
that somehow love would find me.
now i can't believe your standing here.
if beauty is all in the eye, of the beholder,
than i am beholding true beauty.
-geoff moore

four months, and every day i am proud to be your wife.
proud of the man you are.
i believe in your hopes.
i believe in your dreams.
my life is better because of you.
i love you.


Darla said...

I am also a procrastinating lister. I have to have lists to feel in control and yet rarely have enough control to get half done. My work notes and church notes and devotional note and todo lists are doodled with more todo lists.

jordan said...

Yes I always have a todo list written on a to do list. And then I usually have another copy on my phone.
I have issues hea me roar!

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