my favorite christmas (by jane morrison)

one of the best memories i have of christmas was a christmas party at our uncle and aunts house, les and ethel rye on grices creek in 1951.  my sisters and i were so excited we marked the days on the calender and worried mama asking her how much longer.

finally the day arrived and we walked up the road to their house and when we went into the formal living room i saw these store bought stockings hanging on the mantle.  i got so excited because my sisters and i had never had a store bought stocking!

ethel had a christmas tree with a gift under it for each child and santa claus passed out the gifts.  old santa was elbert beard and les gave him two packs of camels for playing santa claus and he said he tried to smoke them all before he got home.

then we had refreshments and when i saw the marshmallows in the hot chocolate i thought i had died and gone to heaven.  it was the best drink i had ever had.  i don't remember what we had to eat because i was so excited about the marshmallows.

such a simple thing, but what a good memory.

and yes, that is my shadow taking a picture of a picture.  i am a professional, here me roar.


Alicia said...

just a guess, but is the kid in the bottom right corner shelby? if not, it looks an awful lot like him! i really do love these stories! thanks for sharing!

jessica dukes said...

yes! you are good!

Alicia said...

it's the eyes! he looks exactly as he does now!

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