its finally friday! i mean, wednesday. {and i got my huuur did}

so my friend that i went to hair school with...did you miss that?  i'm a beauty school drop out, she is me in - in a last minute effort by ME to not look homeless in my friends wedding this friday.  yes, that means a cut and color at eight o clock pm.  that also means that the eleven other things that were on the to do list got pushed back to...eleven pm.

the reason being is after i drop bessie and brad off at work tomorrow and then i go to work, then i am picking them up AND my friends girl and we are all headed to the beach for a all that?  yeah, me neither.

the thing is...on the TO DO list was write a few blogs, well the later it got and the more behind i fell on my list, i decided that i just would have to wait to blog because i didn't have time.  then i started suddenly getting all these new twitter followers and tweets and started to feel popular and the pressure got to me and i caved and here you have your wednesday blog.

most people around these parts post a fabulous 'what i wore wednesday' post, but since i only have good hair today and horrible travel clothes, that ain't about to happen.  but my hair was so worth it, i look way cool.

so this weekend when i am walking down the aisle with WAAAAY too much bronzer and mascara on being a bridesmaid with GREAT hair every one will say, "who is that girl with the great hair?" but then they will look down and realize i forgot my shoes.

because here's the thing, i am blogging and not packing.  so that means i will forget shoes, underwear or a bra.

and let's just hope it's the shoes.

i gotta go people.  i have to pack!  really.  stop making me blog!!!

what i wish i was doing...

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Lisa said...

A few things:

hair picture, STAT.

I always, ALWAYS forget pajamas. It's the one thing I consistently forget. I have no idea why.

I can't wait to see pictures from the weekend!

p.s. seriously, HAIR PICTURE!

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