the good, the bad {and the ugly.}

you know when you are talking to a good friend and they are all UP IN their story, their hands in the air as they try and convey the latest in their walk of life, and then you interrupt them only to out do them with your story.  not to be obnoxious or anything of the like, it's just while you are on the subject, let ME tell YOU this kinda thing... and then you start in on your story with hands a blazin.

we are good friends.  you and me.  so while you have your story to tell, let ME tell YOU sooooome'in.

giiiiiiiiiiiiiirl (and the two boys that may read this), it has been a week.

so you know, i'm a nanny.  i spend my days at another house doing what a nanny does.  watching kids and doing laundry.  repeat ten times per hour.  that's my life in a nut shell.  kids and laundry.  i spend many a night there too when their parents are out of town or have plans for the evening.  pretty much, it's my home away from home.  and more than a job, they have become my family.  i love the children and their parents and their parents like they are my own flesh and blood.  we are tight.  bonded.  family.

monday morning early i got a text that their house had been broken into.  someone had broken the window in the kitchen and came in the house while they were sleeping (they = two parents, three babies)  and stolen some things.  police came and dusted for prints, repairman came a repaired the window and double duty locked all the windows, alarm guys came and did the same...scared nanny.  really scared nanny.  some one had a lot of nerve to break into a house when people are in the house.

all day monday, i was just terrified.  i wanted to hold the baby (the boys were at school) and not let her go.  i wanted to get in her closet with her where there are no windows and hold her tight until she grew up and could navigate this big, bad world by herself.  i wanted to drive to brad's work and park myself in a chair beside his desk and just sit and look at him and know that i was close.  i was rattled.

so monday and tuesday were spent making sure everything in the house and surrounding was safe and alarmed.  pretty much, breathing after the alarm is set might trigger something.  i choose not to breath.

wednesday morning i was taking brad to work so we could leave early as soon as we both got off to head to the beach when i got a text message saying that someone had tried to break in again and this time when he went to break the window, the alarm sounded and he ran away.  again, five people in the house sleeping.  scary.  twice in one week, one night apart.  all the things listed above i was feeling times one hundred.

i wanted to grab the kids and run away.  i wanted to grab brad and run away.  but i was scared to go outside because were we being watched.  that day, after the police were there all night, we went about our day.  scared.  the boys had school.  lil bit had ballet.  and i sat in her room looking out the window.  i had dishes to wash (the dishwasher somehow broke in the midst of all of this which in and of itself is a tragedy), laundry to do but i was scared.  i was scared to look out the window.  i was scared to walk out of a window.  i was scared to be there by myself.  it was a feeling i have never felt before.  its like a cinder block has been placed on your chest and you also feel empty and clueless.  and scared on top of all of that.

wednesday was another day of police, fingerprint dusting, alarm guys alarming.  when i pulled out of the drive way at 2:05, when i turned right out of their driveway i felt an instant calm and felt safe again.  safe for me, not for them.  i have never in my life been so excited to had been going out of town.  never.

i wanted to blog.  i wanted to sleep.  i wanted to do a lot of things, but it has been a scary week.  can you believe that someone would do that not once but twice in a week?

when i tell you it was scary.  it was SCAR-Y.
we have this weird front room in our house.  it's not a dining room, it's not a living room, it's just a room. a small room that collects crap.  and crap it does collect and i decided that i had had enough and went scavenging for something, anything really to decorate the collect all.

first things first:  i called my mom.  

i swear she befriends older ladies so when they die she will get some of their antiques.  i know that sounds terrible, but i soooooooooo think that deep down i am right.  she doesn't have a computer, thank goodness or i would NEVER ever confess this for her.  seriously though, as much as she does befriend the elderly and then she gets their things --- she really does befriend them because she is their friend.  she will do anything for anyone, take anyone anywhere and is one of the most generous people you will ever meet...

girl has a lot of stuff.

so i called her and asked her if she had a rug, she found one.  and then asked her about this piece of furniture.  two hours later, my almost seventy year old mama made the drive from clarksville to nashville to deliver this huge rug and this red desk.

my mama rocks dot com.
so with a move of some things out and a little dusting and love, here we have a new entrance in our house.  (excuse the unfluffed pillows, i don't know what i was thinking.  -the bird pillow was on grey's anatomy one time.  true story.  it was a different bird pillow, but same one.  good to know, everyone really does shop at target.)
and then there is this blurry picture of little lovelies that will adorn the desk.  that really is OBVIOUSLY not being used as a desk anymore but a pretty little red table thing.
i have better pictures, but between all the drama, my computer stopped working and we had a hard time fixing it and when we did, iphoto somehow was not on the new computer.

which was not awesome.

so just now, at this moment, i am installing iphoto.

so between the new dishwasher being delivered this week, and iphoto getting installed and they caught the man who was breaking in the house!...i am expecting this week to be so much better.

sleeping at night will be so wonderful again.  i have forgotten what it's like.

happy monday, say a prayer that this is the best week ever.
we need it around here.


Gentri said...

Oh my goodness!!! I am scared for you! Wow! That is insane! Let us know if they find out why he chose that specific home to break into. Did he steal anything of value? Crazy. Glad everyone's ok!

jessica dukes said...

just some cash...craziness!!!! thanks, i am glad too.

not a fun week!

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