front porch fun (fall threw up on our front porch...)

since this is our first fall (everything) together as a married couple, i of course want everything to be pretty and perfect.  especially when it's easy and makes a huge difference.  and trust me, brad feels the same way...i did drag him out of bed at 7:45 am the other morning just to show him the front porch.  bless his heart.  it can't be easy living with me.  can not.  

so here is our pretty porch for the season...
the owl, how cool is that?  my sweet mother in law got that for us and i love love love it.  you put a tea light in the back and it lights up through the holes.  i love anything birds or owls and this screams perfection to me...i love it.  i wanted to hang it from the ceiling of the front porch but i could not get a hook through, so beside the door had to work...

i had one pumpkin, but he looked lonely.  really really lonely.  he needed friends, so friends he got.  he loves me.
now if i can only remember to water these bad boys then it will stay pretty.  ask me in a few weeks if the white mums are still white or the yellow mums are still yellow...  oh the pressure.
i have been dying for a banner and kinda obsessed with all things banners since our wedding...we had two.  i had a ton of burlap left over from the wedding and decided to made my own.  i thought about adding some lettering but decided it was much more transitional if i kept it plain.  and lets be honest, it looks like a party is about to happen all the time.  oh yeah.
yeah, i am in love.

i saw this wreath on etsy.  only it was colorful and very different.  i adapted it to be a little more plain and fall like.  and i wanted to use what i had.  all i had to buy was the styrofoam.  i am usually the big wreath kinda girl, but decided to take it down a notch since there was a lot going on already...  
over all, i think it turned out pretty good and says "welcome to our home." which is all i wanted...

come on over, we'll have some hot cider and sit and talk.
it'll be fun.

happy fall, y'all.
from our little home in nashville to yours.


Melissa said...

OMG, it's presh! I love it!!! It is really encouraging me to work on my porch. I will have to do a post on it now. Thanks friend!! And good job. =) ps...i wish i could come over for some cider.

jessica dukes said...

I wish you could too. It's not perfect...but makes me perfectly happy. :-)

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