supermodel smiles {and halloween goodies}.

here's what happens when you are told you are cute A L O T.  you believe it.  and then when you say "lil bit, lil bit!  smile for caca..." you get the whole tongue out of the mouth wanna-be-a-supermodel pose.  bless her, she can't help it.  if i looked like that i might pose the same.
i mean, there's cute.  and then there's this.  
this is cuteness.  i can hardly stand it.
 make out session with a pumpkin anyone?  anyone?
come on...

speaking of make out sessions with pumpkins...(AKA halloween) i have some goodies to show you so you can impress everyone you know with your creative genius skiiiilllllz.
tell 'um morrison lane sent you.
i am convinced that if tori spelling would not have been aaron spellings daughter and an actress she might have been the next martha stewart.  for real.  girl is always posting something great on her twitter, and she is creatiiiiive.  all the six pictures above and below were pictures she tweeted last year.  good stuff...and even better EASY good stuff!  follow her on twitter at torianddean, she is always tweeting something lovely for the eyes. {if you can't read the directions to each picture, email me or TWEET me and i will send you the directions directly.}
and while your at it...follow me too...i'm morrisonlane (i like to keep it simple)


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

She is too cute!! And all of those Halloween treats - yum!

Stopping by Ashlyn's blog. Wanted to meet some of the fellow ladies who were featured :)

jessica dukes said...

thanks for stopping by! i am headed that way to do the same! :-)

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