six months!

recently, i got together with my friend angel and met her little prince and took his pictures.  what we thought would be a leisurely day turned into our park where we were shooting being closed and the sweet lady that owned the area breathing down our backs watching our every move...

but when you have a baby...people are a little more patient...and when you have a baby as cute as this guy AND a large camera --- she let us stay.

but then the little guy was over the shoot before it started...

here are my favorites.  i mean, his face.  is it not the sweetest?  and here's the thing, if he's anything like his mama, he will be one sweet boy.

what a fun early morning.
 sometimes when i am shooting babies, i think...what if this were an adult?
 and then i crack myself up.
 there is SOOOO much wrong with this picture, BUT i ADORE it.
he was OVER me.  and the whole setting him in wet grass.
 this is his, "why thank you for the chair AND the shouldn't have" look.

"lady with the large camera.

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