ready on set! fixing the computer...TAKE THREE.

good lord. and happy monday to you too. (this mornings HELLO is straight from the iPhone...again)

because I have a husband with a better brain than mine, i am about to hold my breath and squint my eyes an swipe that bandaid off and waaa laaa it's [my computer] going to be good as new. i know it.

And then I will show you all the festivities that i have participated in this past week and weekend.

festivities like:
{1} hosting a bachelorette party for two friends and trying (and succeeded) to UNFORTUNATELY keep it classy. no body part cookies, balloons or the like. although I did make some cookies that I worried would end UP looking like body part cookies by accident but turns out it appeared that I DID know what i was doing. pictures when my computer is repaired. (you're excited!)
{2} made my front porch all pretty and then making brad get up at 7:45 am on a Sunday morning to see. he loves me a lot.
{3} there's more I promise by my thumbs are beginning to ache.
{4} pictures! edited pictures! i've done that too since we last talked.

and just so you'll know how my luck is going this week...once I had the front porch all pretty like for the party I was hosting...the front porch light went out and I couldn't unscrew the fixture so my guest were greeting with blackness.

nothing says "welcome to my home" like darkness. So much for the cute banner, pun'kins and mums, they were just objects they tripped over since they couldn't see...

oh my. i really do try. i really really do.

plans for my week include:
{a} fixing my computer! amen.
{b} working three days. ive let my boss know i plan to be a no show Thursday and Friday. i am responsible like that.
{c} BEACH.
{d} BEACH. just making sure you heard me. read me. got me.
{e} i'm going to the beach.
{f} so is brad and my favorite people.
{g} my BFF is getting hitched.
{h} i'm the hair girl, photographer and bridesmaid. this is going to be interesting.
{i} brad's doing the music.
{j} we are talented.

cross your fingers...It's time to see if it's working!!!!


it's waaaaay to early for all this excitement. way to early.


Daydream Believer said...

Holy moly! You've got quite the busy week in store, don't you? I am sure everything will go swell with the weekend. Congrats to the BFF!! I love weddings!

jessica dukes said...

i know, me too! it is a busy week but hopefully it will all get done and its all fun stuff so yay! thanks for stopping by... :-)

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