finally. friday. (i'm outta control...)

this has seemed like a longer than usual week it seems like, its gotten more fall like (which i love) but also darker and colder and all you want to do when the alarm goes off is raise the window and ever so politely throw it outside so it can sing with the cold and darkness while you drift back off to sleep.  but then there are jobs to get to and things to do so you listen to the alarm and stumble out of bed, put the pot of coffee on and start your day.

but i do keep in mind, it's the little things that keep you going.... this little girl with a curl that would lounge all day long and watch thomas the tank if i could let her.  i won't.  so she fusses and acts two until i make a grand announcement "c'mon, we are going to have fun!"  and wide eyes with anticipation she revels in my words and we go to the kitchen together and unload the dishwasher 'fun style.'  and because we are together and i told her it was fun,  that is what it is.  fun.  little things.
 ...fall.  autumn is such a prettier word and i try my best to call it that, but i always fall back into fall.  the smells, the look, the SWEATERS.  i always say my looks go waaaay up in the fall.  brad's not going to know what to do with himself when he meeds 'mrs fall dukes!' this picture is my centerpiece on our table right now and as autumn-y as it looks, it smells just as good  fall, i adore everything about you.  oh yea, except the early morning darkness. little things.
 ...instagram update.  are you loving it?!  i felt so popular when this picture i took got more love than ever.  i felt so artsy and needed in the instagram community.  like i fit in - because i was lacking community there...haha  but for real did make my day, when folks that pictures were waaaaay better than mine said 'liked' it.  and it's just a chandelier on our bedroom wall.  girl can take a picture.  little things.
...i don't get to see the little fellas as much since they started kindergarten.  they are out the door by the time i arrive at their house.  i miss them and am happy to see them in the afternoons.  this afternoon, he was especially cute.  maybe because he was trying to weasel me into playing uno with him for the remainder of the day.  it worked.  little things.
 ...greatest thing since sliced bread.  i mean, come on.  she is sweet and cute and when she sees airplanes, her whole body is at arrest and she freezes and points until they are out of site...even if she does need to be on what not to wear for two year olds this day...who cares if you have on winter boots with a summer dress if you look like that?  little things.
 ...stop.  it.  i can't take it.  while his sister is screaming about the airplane, he sees the phone turning towards him and freezes and poses.  no one says a word and he knows that i just captured him.  and he is proud.  that boy.  little things, told you.
 ...and then there is RAY LAMONTAGNE at the grand ole opry.  doesn't get better than this for a wednesday night.  i adore him and his music and he makes me all giddy.  music.  love it.  little things.
 ...speaking of uno, he shuffles these cards for at least twenty minutes because he can do it himself.  i liked to have died as i practiced patience and quietly cheered hi on telling him he was doing a great job, lake sure all the cards are facing the same direction, and please get all the cards and...  little things, but HURRY UP...
...made this fun wreath for the front porch, it still needs a little love...but almost there, i had a ton of burlap left over from our wedding and wanted to put it to good use.  i think i like it, it's different than anything i would usually choose and change id good.  after the weekend it will be perfect.  or prefect for our door.... little things.

what are your weekend plans?
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little things and instagrams...that's enough to make this girl even happier that it's friday!


Whitney said...

Love your little things! I love fall...I mean autumn. And I always feel I look better then too! So yay for looking good for the next season! :) have a wonderful weekend!

Melissa said...

LOOOOVVVEE the wreath!!

Elizabeth @ The Young Retiree said...

What a pretty wreath! Perfect for autumn (which is the term I prefer too - isn't it prettier? IT IS!)

I adore your centerpiece too! Very lovely.

Looks like you had a fantastic week with those adorable kiddos.

Three's 4 Me said...

Dropping in from Instafriday! Isn't it so cute when those precious toddlers see an airplane!! Oh my gosh, it melts my heart :)

Lori said...

love your list. your kids are just adorable and i agree-- somehow it just sounds more romantic as "autumn" instead of "fall." of course in hawaii, we don't even really have either :(

new follower, please stop on by:

jessica dukes said...

thanks for the comment love girls you know how to make a gals day!

Alli (and Tommy too!) said...

Love ALL your Instagram photos, not just the chandelier!

jessica dukes said...

Thanks Alli!

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