take time to smell the roses...or mums...

call me behind.  well, actually i take it back.  don't call me that...that's not nice.  but i am behind.  i am in the middle of making over our bedroom, working, pictures to edit, fallarizing the house (i made up that word, thank you very much) and i am sure there are ten things i am forgetting.

working.  yeah working.  and the thing about being a nanny whatever you are working on at your own house you get no reprieve when you go to work because usually the same things are going on there.  so what happens in my world is when i get home, my stuff doesn't get done.

that's why i just started that load of whites one more time this morning since they didn't make it to the dryer last night.

and did i mention my computer is broken?  because it is.  please feel sorry for me dot com.
and you thought, "i bet she made it look a mess just for the picture..."  no.  i.  didn't.  the big reveal will be awesome.

but here's the great things about life.  no matter what you have going on, no matter how far behind you are or feel...there is still time.  tomorrow is a new day, and when you have this lil one to keep you company, sometimes your list just doesn't seem that important.
especially when there is ice cream involved.

girlfriend loves her some ice cream.

take time to stop and smell the roses today.  because you know what?  all the "stuff" that you need to do will be waiting on you tomorrow.  promise.

go crazy and eat ice cream for lunch (that's what we did...)

happy day. make it a great one.

i'm off to water the flowers...i might just smell them while i'm at it.  'cept they are mums, not roses...

okay, i'll stop.  you get the point.  

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