technical trooooubles.

once my friend told me a joke and the key phrase was, "i'm having technical trouuuuuubles." it's a funny joke. and I wooooould share the humor with you...if i was feeling funny or if I wasn't writing this blog from my phone. {insert whiney voice in all of the above}

my computer has officially stopped working for the second time in two months. which makes me want to scream. luckily my dear huuuuusband has two and he plays nice so it's not as much of a tragedy as I like to obsess that it is....buuuuut.

it's. not. mine.

boo. hoo.

moving on.

yesterday I bought the supplies for this wreath I found on pinterest. i mean, how cool is this thing? my porch is currently on "what not to wear" and trust me it was a BIG offender. the big reveal is planned for later this week. you're gonna be so proud of her make over. promise.

today i...
-am awake (yawn!)
-have already put dinner in the crock pot (gooooo me!)
-eaten breakfast (disappointing)
-made the bed (woo hoo!)
-showered (rare)

today I will be THANKFUL for...
-my husband that shares his computer with me.
-a new day (even if it's monday!)
-dancing with the stars AND castle!

your personal news update:
i was just watching the TODAY show and did you know bill clinton is a vegan now? oh you didn't? you learn something new everyday.

that's all I got.

happy monday.


Melissa said...

boooo to computer problems! Great post though!

jessica dukes said...

yeah! I know. It's a real bum.mer!
I shall survive and whine my way through...

Alicia said... that your computer is down
second...why are you not following me and me following you on pinterest? hello????/

Lisa said...

Love that wreath!

It's a good idea to make a list of the things you're thankful for. I should probably do that more often. Like every day.

Great post!

jessica dukes said...

ha. I hear you! I was thinking of including it the whole month of November. god forbid...I do it every day! :-) thank YOU for the comment.

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