insta. insta. insta....gramsssssss. woo hoo!

you may only make it through half of these pictures or a third.  it's instagram overload over here on morrison lane.  that only means there is WAAAAAY to much going on currently.  because of the overdose of pretty instagrams we have been divided into categories because i like for you to think i am that organized.  

and you know i am.  

{please don't come over and look in my closet.  or any other room with a closed door.  you'll be crushed figuratively and literally. don't say i didn't warn ya.}

hold up...this is not confession hour, there i go getting distracted again...back to the pictures and their categories.  
organized.  remember?

whole lotta cuteness going here.  follow me on instagram [morrisonlane] and you'll get all the scoop by the minute.  picture.  instagram.  yes, you can be THAT lucky.

my best friends wedding happened last weekend.  really it did.  like my real best friend and not the movie.  although if rupert everett showed up i wouldn't mind a sing a long.  

distracted.  a.  gain.  

i would like to take full credit for the loveliness in the pictures above but when you have the fingerprints of god in action which seem so much more visible when there are crashing waves, calm water and sandy beaches...all you have to do is point and shoot and you get perfection.  anyone could have captured it really, i just happened to be in the right place at the right time.  

a.  breakfast with brad.  outside.  and bagels.  (theres a whole lotta b's in that sentence)
b.  speaking of brad, he got me this external flash and she want to the beach for the first time.
c.  local florida pub for lunch in the bathing suit.  doesn't get much better than that.
d.  the wine shop next door.  i don't really drink at all.  
(couldn't tell by the last two pictures...)
e.  bicycles at seaside.  serene.  we were in a large marge black SUV.  not serene.
f.  pedicures after a busy week.



Kimberly said...

Nice pics! I love your photography too, very talented!!

jessica dukes said...

thank you kimberly. i appreciate it. :-)

The Morris Family said...

Great wedding shots!! Beach weddings if wt was one are sooo awesome!!!

Katie said...

Awesome pictures! My best friend got married earlier this year too (and I love the movie you referenced, seriously, I can quote lines). Thank you for your kind comment over at the blog- have a wonderful weekend!

Becca at One Girl said...

I love the pictures you captured! And seriously how did you get so many good ones of kids - that never seems to work out. Yay for a pedicure - it's always heaven!

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