discouragment; then ENcouragment.

so i have been having some blog discouragement lately.  i feel like i am so close to having "IT" but then i don't.  then i read those that write perfectly and i hang on every word and i want to be just like them...and then there are those blogs that are the most creative ever and i want to be more talented.  and then there are some with everything and then i think, "well dang, i just need to shut this here puppy down, because who cares really?"  but then i remind myself i do this for me and if no one reads, it really is for me...

but i want to reach out.

i want to inspire.

by my words.  by my pictures.  by me.

but then i get discouraged and have a poor blog-attitude and NOTHING good ever comes out of that.

but here's the great things about being a blogger and being a part of something bigger than myself.  (you hear that jessica?  bigger than YOURSELF.  its not all about YOU.)  just when i was having the urge to "shut her down" and just go back to my preblogging days...

i get on twitter and get all encouraged and inspired by these girls kind words:

melissa at {pineapple lily}.
twitter:  pineapplelily

liz at [behing the scenes 2009].
twitter:  lizbedwards

ashlyn at .
twitter:  loveashlyn

hollie ann at (hollie takes notes).

and then i really felt better.

and then sunday i read this sweet blog by gussy sews.
twitter:  gussysews

and i felt encouraged and not alone in this little blogosphere that can be kinda lonely at times.


i just wanted to say thank you.  really.  i mean it from the bottom of my heart.  it's funny how life works...just when you need "it" life has a way of working itself out and then you get what you need.  and i am thankful for many things, but today on this monday...i am especially thankful for you girls.  your words.  your blogs.  you.  i feel more blessed today because of each and every one of you.  it's nice to be told you are great every once in a while.  and i think just that...you are all great.


Gussy Sews said...

YOU encourage ME! thank you for this post! xoxo

Ashlyn said...

you are too sweet girl!
i am blessed to have met you as well :) thank you for your encouragement! none of us could do it alone! xxoo.

jessica dukes said...

no it's me that really says thank you. I needed each and everyone of y'all more than you know this worked. Isn't god funny like that? He knows just what we need... :-)

Liz said...

Aww love you girl! Keep shining through your blog :) It's a blessing in my life, for sure!

Melissa said...

I'm seriously crying right now! God DOES know what we need!!! I can't even tell you how many times in the past 3 months I have told Brandon that I am SO thankful I met you and these other girls!!! I needed this just as much as you. Trust me. You are needed in OUR lives. =)

jessica dukes said...

Thanks Melissa! Appreciated...you are. :-)

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