sunday, misser bwat and i took the kids to see "disney on ice" and because they had something on other than their school uniform, i had it in my mind we were gonna have a little 10 minutes impromptu photo shoot.  little impromptu photo shoot happened.  'cept not quite my style.
because as he saw the camera, he had his OWN ideas of what made a good picture.  so after some trying and being unsuccessful with just "awww, c'mon, just sit in the grass..."  we (he) decided that leaning against this tree all 1990 senior picture like with his shirt (accidently) even unbuttoned made a better picture.

leaning against a tree.  completely posed.  are you serious?  how can i even begin to show of my skills with YOU as my model?
and god forbid, if he didn't get a turn too!  "oh oh, ms. j!  that is awesome, i want to put my hand on a tree too!"  at this point i was just the willing participant...
he didn't realize he was cute as pie with his ears on still or this would have never happened.  thank you for being six, even if just for a minute.
this one on the other hand, he just knows he's cute.  and is dreaming up the next "posed" photo op.
 "this will be good ms. j.  this leaf is huge!"  
then this happened, "oh ms j!  look at this beautiful red tree!  i know, let's all sit under it and that would look awesome!"  and look at just how AWESOME it looks...he WAS right.  lil bits face is cracking me up...somewhere between dejected, forced and homeless.  

and that lasted for about...
two seconds.  until she ran away...  

i gotta admit i am a fan of this shot.  this is these three in all their glory.  lil bit running away and the boys pulling her shirt making her crazy...except their is usually only a smile on her face for about two seconds...
"oh ms j!  i had those silly ears on in all those pictures???  let ME take them off and you take some of me.  here, how is this?"

have camera.  will shoot.  
"misser bwat.  c'mon.  wed twee.  sit."

and i laughed all through out the picture.  i mean seriously?  this is happening?
 "and look take this one!  look at me!"
no control.  gone.  at this point i was just running from one command to another.  thank you my six year old stylist times two.
and then this happened, "ms. j.  take my picture under the beautiful red tree alone."  notice the pose.  so serious.  and then his brother who is usually never a stinker decided to get his goat and move in...and notice he never ever broke the pose.  gotta love a good model.

lord.  help.  me.

"ms. j.  take a picture of me surprised that the tree fell!  this is going to be awesome."

and it was.  totally rad dude.  


hope you started your tuesday laughing like i did.  
happy tuesday!

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Erin @ {grace-filled} said...

How fun! Those little models, they are just adorable! :) I need to get a better camera... Anyway, thank you for linking up to my blog over the weekend! :) LOVE yours!

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