michael + lori = MARRIED!

two weekends ago, we loaded the car and headed to the beach so my best friend and her girl could get married.  and get married they did.  complete with perfect weather and good people witnessing their vows.  i was lucky enough to capture some sweet images of them on this special weekend.

(and when i was in the wedding and other wise detained [in the wedding]...how 'bout this...i taught brad what to do...and he snapped away for me.  so the pictures happening during the wedding are courtesy of brad.  he's a talented boy. i knew i married that guy for a reason.)

and hows this for a DIY day:
i did the hair and make up - i am a beauty school drop out after all.
photography - me (and brad) and another one of their friends.
flowers - bridesmaids (me, bessie, tracy)
cake [cupcakes] - bessie
here comes the boys.  ha, never heard that at a wedding!
i think michael is looking at me giving me the "my lord would you stand still girl" look.  because i am preeeetty sure i was trying not to dance too much because the fire bugs were biting me and making me bleed.  and i am sorry michael.  i did try to stand still.  i tried my best.  i did.  
perfection all wrapped up in a sandy filled beach.
[except the fire bugs that were making my ankles bleed.  there's that]
so here'e the other thing.  my dress didn't even match.  but you couldn't even tell.
we interrupt this regularly scheduled blog to tell you...so my husband is hot.  and sometimes i get distracted by his pretty-ness.  especially when he is standing there all cute with flowers.  
i mean, come on!
"hey, i married you 6 months ago...and i sure am glad i did!"
back to the couple of the hour.  there's that.  and them.  and sorry i dot distracted.  i do that.  they are pretty too and all sweet and kissy.  yeah yeah yeah...it's like they just got married or something.
oh they did.  okay...we'll let you have your moment.
what a wonderful day full of love.

congratulations, michael and lori (and mikayla)
can't wait to share a whole bunch of life with you.

p.s.  we stole the flowers for our hair out of the bushes outside of the condo an hour before the wedding. and they were perfect.  gosh, i love it when a plan comes together.  oh wait.  they weren't part of the plan.

one thing i do love.  

L.  O.  V.  E.
oh heck, go grab someone and hug them.  and tell 'um i sent cha.

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