happy fall. [my favorite]

here's some little things i have been loving lately.  brad and i are going out of town over thanksgiving and having our family to our home the weekend before.  i am SUPER excited because i LOVE LOVE LOVE to host and plan a party.  so thanks to pinterest i am as inspired as a thanksgiving turkey.  <--good joke?  bad joke?  you get the point.

here's some things i am luuuuuving today.

Source: bhg.com via jessica on Pinterest

seriously cute.  and seriously in my backyard.

this girl is obsessed with burlap.  so naturally i adore this.

Source: None via jessica on Pinterest

seriously.  why didn't i come up with these?  it makes me mad when i see something this cute and easy and perfect...because i didn't think of it!

and then there is this.  off the subject and probably preeeety sure i won't have one on display thanksgiving...inappropriate perhaps, but i did laugh!

it's thursday people.  and that just means we are that much closer to f.r.i.d.a.y.

uh huh.  that's right.

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