i am.

when did we loose sense of who we are?  what is really important.  our own value system instead of others...

this weekend, i got my US weekly email which i have the app on my iphone and also get any emails with breaking news.  that, in itself, is sad.  i got a breaking news update sent to my email that a moving truck was seen outside of ashton kutcher and demi moore's house.

then i got mad.

mad that i cared.  mad that it was news.  mad that these people, yes...they are celebrities and many think that with the fame and fortune does come the right to let your life be an open book, are being watched and every move they make is being watched and we are judging and watching and talking about it.

i can not imagine if my life was watched by everything and everyone and everyone cared and i was a news story every time you turned around.

then lindsey lohans teeth and her hands.  i know all this because i am one like too many of us that care and feel the need to know.  but it is starting to bother me.

bothering me that i am giving myself permission to waste precious time by reading the latest story about the person of the hour who is just another person just like me.

a person that needs jesus.  just like me.  

a person that longs to be loved.  just like me.

a person that wants to feel like they matter.  just like me.

that they belong.  just like me.

we aren't that different.  they just happen to be news.

i have decided to be consciously aware of what i am reading and remembering before i judge and base my conversation on the last thing some celebrity did to look at my own heart and examine my intent.

sorry to be so heavy on a monday but all weekend long, this has been on my heart.

have the best day ever.  it's gonna be a good week---i can feel it.

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MaryBeth said...

I'm mad too! Thanks for putting into words how I've been feeling!

I wish I didn't care about some things but I'm glad that I do care about other things.

I'm also very glad that I'm not famous!

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