watching love in action on a monday afternoon.

this was no the post i had intended for this tuesday, but then yesterday happened and i had to share.

had to.

i mean, i love my husband a whole whole lot, but when i see him with this girl who he doesn't have to love, but adores it makes me love him even more.  and this girl loves him back.  today when i was leaving work she said, "go wit you caca.  see misser bwat."  i mean, how do you say no to that?  and after a long day of work for him, this is how he spent his evening...
love is all over my house people.  
here's how this goes.  he lays on the floor and pretends he's not paying her any attention and she won't have it and insists that he get's it together and his eyes remain on her.  always works.  
i can't stand it.  she's pulled up a chair and they are having a convo.  sweet moments.
apparently that conversation went EXACTLY how she had planned.  girl loves her some bwat.
then because she noticed the door was open, she noticed the pun'kins as she calls them and we headed outside so she could have a closer view.  
what a good afternoon.  it's so fun watching the one you


Lisa said...


your pictures look great!

jessica dukes said...

Thanks! They do look great, huh? This girl I know showed me how to make um all big and ever'thang. She's pretty awesome...her name is Lisa - you might know her... :-)

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