off to the races...(keeneland edition)

this weekend, brad and i went to lexington, kentucky - home of keeneland to take in all the horse racing festivities and to celebrate his friends thirtieth birthday...(slowly but surely everyone is catching up with me...)  i had never been to lexington and was excited to go to a city i had never been and to catch up with friends AND to go to the horse races...although i kept calling it neyland {like neyland stadium} and in an attempt to be cool, i just decided to forgo the whole keeneland/neyland thing and just say "races..."

it went something like this..."y'all ready to go to the raaacessss???"  

oh lord.
who would vote for a horse called halloween candy IN october?  like he would ever win?  vote?  i meant bet.  see, i am really clueless at the racessssss.
halloween candy was a horse that anyone with ANY racing knowledge would not vote on.  like a horse named that would WIN IN october the weekend before halloween.

give.  me.  a.  keeneland.  break.

so i voted bet on a proper horse with a proper name instead.  even if i didn't have a hat on and a julia roberts brown with white polka dotted dress.  you can't pull one over on this girl.  puh-lease.

halloween candy won.  i lost.

in the wardrobe and in the races.
sorry rolex, this girl is sportin' a fossil.

so does it make me a photojournalist if i capture this sweet moment between a mother and child?  or a creeper?  because i think it makes me observant and a photojournalist.  i wanted to ask her for her email so i could email her the picture but then i went and got a hot dog and when i came back she was gone.  because if someone took a sweet picture of me like that i would thank them.  there i feel better.  hey lady, if you read my blog, which i knoooooow ya do.  i would love to send you this picture.  love, jessica

saturday, we spent eight hours here.  at this restaurant.  i kid you not.  i would not joke about such matters.
we also ate here twice that day.  because we know a good thing when we see it.
it was a good, fun, relaxing, NEEDED weekend...for me....

aaaaand this lady.  

come on, thats a sweet picture.

admit it.


Anonymous said...

That IS a sweet picture! You rock.

Michelle's Style File said...

Those racecourse pics are amazing- great photography.


jessica dukes said...

thanks babe. :-)

and michelle, thank you! i will head over to your page now. thanks for posting. :-)

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