every other monday night family dinner with a side of wicked.

three short years ago, my two best friends and myself all lived together.  one of um, well we lived together long enough to make it legal and the other...almost.  'cause here's the thing...why mess up a good thing.  and we loved (and still love) each other so we lived and loved.  together.

then life has a funny way of shaking things up, ya know?  out went bessie.  she had to get all IN.DE.PENDANT.  and move out on her own.  

whatev.  lori and i still had each other.

then lori had to show us both up and move herself AND her girl to europe.  i mean, come on...if you wanted out that bad...let a girl know.  you don't have to go all dramatic making your point.  i get it.  

so that ended the love affair and the lovely life that we had made all together for seven plus years.

now, we all live about thirty minutes away from each other...on a good day.  and since life has gotten so busy we just don't see each other as much - so we decided to start "the every other monday night family dinner club" (creative, huh?) for lack of a better name and to keep it short and simple and to the point.

i feel incredibly blessed to always know no matter what i have these friends in my corner.  

and even more blessed that every other monday night, except on my monday night i get a free meal. yum.


speaking of free meals (good segway, huh?) - brad took me to see WICKED last night and then we got to go back stage where brad interviewed the wizard!  for real.  and he gave us a backstage tour...like we got to meet the real witches and everything.  we are becoming big deals really.  we even got to see their couture gowns!  i almost had to sit on my hands to contain my excitement and to act all civilized.  it was tough, people.  

that and then having the constant urge to burst into "weeeeeeeeeeeeee're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oooooooooooozzzzzzzzzzzzz........." everytime i looked at the wizard.  i was the one acting last night.  me.  trying to act civilized.  shew....

if you don't already read brad's blog, you should read it because he has been getting some great interviews lately....  and who doesn't love a good interview? 

i am still waiting to be asked.  

hint, hint...brad?  


is this thing on...?


Meg said...

Hah this is a great post - I'm so jealous you saw Wicked! And that you have girl nights ever other week! I just moved to FL so I'm really missin' those girl time dinners back in NY! : )

jessica dukes said...

yeah, they are the best, love some girl time.

and wicked was awesome!!! i would go again, not sure if it has mama mia beat though! :-)

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