hi my name is jessica and my tree has colored lights this year.

i was planning on writing all about our trip to vegas over thanksgiving, but then as i look around and smell and see the holidays taking over every inch of our home, i just kinda wanted to decorate all over again.  so i'll just decorate this post.  and i'm not ashamed to tell you that lil bit and i have been jamming out to some michael buble christmas music since...oh, the first week of november.  it's so frequent that now when we i am changing her diaper and pulling up her tights for us to leave in the mornings she is squealing with delight "chrisssmas music caca car" remember she calls me caca.  didn't want you to think i threw in an ugly word just for the heck of it.


we have been excited about the holidays for well...an embarrassing long time, finally i got brad on the bandwagon the second weekend of november and he obliged me and we put up our tree.  i get really hyper and excited when tree putting up is happening, maybe that should have been one of those pre-marital talks, but we made it through...ho ho ho, or should i say he survived me.

i will say this is the first time in my entire life that our tree has colored lights.  

lord help me.

i am a clear lights kinda girl.  lots of lights, lots of white.  that is all.  but then as i was putting up the tree this year and i was low on the white lights brad sweetly offers me the COLORED lights that he had.

gulp.  and being a good wife and realizing that this was not a big deal and i needed to really just put my big girl panties on and deal with a tree with colored lights...i did just that.  it wasn't easy.

but not before i looked at bessie my best friend who was over helping and giving her the eye like ohhhhhemmmmmmgggggggg.  i am about to have to string up these colored lights on the tree and pretend like i like them.  then she did a heel to foot in the air hop with delight because her tree is beautiful and white.  she's not invited over anymore.

but what do you know?  i like the colored lights.  i never.  maybe it's a love is blind kinda thing but i am not only dealing with it, i am embracing it and i really do think it is great and adds so much to the tree.  the house.  it's so happy!

all these years i thought i knew so much.

but i needed brad all these years for this girl to have a good tree.


Katie Vale said...

your decorations are beautiful! I LOVE the little pots with pine cones - what a great idea! and we always do colored lights on our tree. : )

jessica dukes said...

thank you! they were so easy, spray paint and twigs from the yard and a little glitter. :-)

Ashley said...

I have always preferred white lights too but your tree looks gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Your tree is gorgeous. I'm a white light kinda gal too. I could be persuaded enxt year for colored lights though.

I enjoy reading your blog. You crack me up- ALOT. Great post :)

P.s. Buble...he rocks...love his voice..his Christmas tunes are SO festive.

jessica dukes said...

thanks melissa, i always look forward to your sweet comments. i crack myself up too...haha, when i reread the blogs i am like "man, i hope everyone thinks this is m being funny and sarcastic and not ugly!'' because that would be bad. ;-(

thanks for liking my blog, it means a lot to me that you read and come back or more. ill do my best to keep you entertained. have you rad kellehampton.com, she is amazing, you should add her to your list of daily reads...i would love to write like her.

Sabrina said...





catie said...

your decorations are fabulous! i love the red wire stars, did you make those or find them somewhere? i need to get me a few those! (i admit, i was a colored light person that was swayed by her husband into white lights...which i now love!) stopping by from gussy sews! merry christmas!


jessica dukes said...

hey catie, i bought the wire stars for $1.00! i couldnt make them for that...i got them at our local nashville christmas village. what a deal, huh? i had a christmas party and wanted all the girls to take one and none of them did! haha

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