thaksgiving 2011 (imagine that spraypainted on a tshirt) awesome, huh?

so we went to
over thanksgiving.  what?  how is that possible?  well, we went here too...
okay, maybe that's a little less believable, but that thing was made entirely out of jelly belly's.  i mean, the real statue of liberty has nothing on offense my new yorkers, that's a joke.
of course these two things and so much more...SOOOOOOO much more, MORE than you ever need to see if you know what i mean and i think you do can be found in las vegas nevada.
i've never been to europe so i kinda for a second believed brad when he told me we were in paris.  i was like whaaaat and he was like yeaaaaah and i was like wow you ARE awesome and then i woke up.
not only did we take in nevada, we headed to california as in death valley.
and the sites and brown everywhere were really incredible.  the pictures don't do it justice at all.  i kept taking pictures and usually i am like "ohhh, that is good one" and everytime i looked at the view finder i was like "oh."  so multiply these shots by one thousand and maybe you can grasp the dimensions and layers of magnificent - ness of that place.
what a site to behold.  
this could also be said for me that day if there would have been pictures, but notice there were not.
we had baja fresh for lunch on thanksgiving.  
don't judge.
we had the buffet lord help us all for thanksgiving dinner.  after we stood in like an hour and a half, no exaggeration, for dinner - i was determined to eat myself under the table.  after i came back to the table with a salad, brad was very disappointed in me.  so i ate that quick fast and in a hurry and headed back for more only to not finish that because i had saved room for dessert.  and i was determined to eat at least ten because they were so cute, and then i ate one and could not eat anymore and i am still mad about that.  that little bundt cake in the above picture was the cutest thing you have ever seen and i could not eat the little guy.  boo me.
if you are a morrissey fan, be jealous because we saw him:

and then after this fella made a car appear, thirteen people in the audience disappear and a scorpion so a card trick, we for some reason thought it would be safe to meet the one and only david copperfield.  
i had a real cute new tunic on just for him and he didn't even compliment me.  he might do magic but has NO fashion sense.  i mean, it even had sequins!  
all that aside, anytime with this guy, is the best time of my life.

p.s.  and we were forced to eat out.  remember, we hadn't eaten out the whole month of november?  oh it was divine.  divine.  and starbucks anytime we wanted.  pinch me now.


Amy said...

YAY for Starbucks. And In n Out. And Las Vegas. And cute mini bundt cakes. I was jealous watching all your pics on Instagram...I've never been there and now I'm realllly wanting to hop on a plane!

jessica dukes said...

you should go, its fun! and the shows are awesome, if you go, go see O. its incredible!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great post! Looks like a FABOULOUS time! Those Death Valley pics are AWESOME!!...I'm sure it's not the same as actually being there....but none the looks like such a profound place :)

jessica dukes said...

it was crazy pretty, just so weird that there is vast land that isnt populated at all in california! it was crazy to just drive through there!

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun! :)

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

We love Vegas!! Death Valley would be cool to visit though! It looks amazing in your pictures!

Hilary said...

OMG, that jelly bean statue of liberty is the coolest thing I have ever seen!

jessica dukes said...

i know, i took like ten pictures of it before i gathered myself...

Sarong Dress said...

Wow! This is so much fun! And the statue of liberty is sooo cool! I wonder how guys worked on this one.

French Cuffs said...

You really have a good time doing all these things. Wish I can do this too. Sounds fun and way too cool to miss this.

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