the morning after. {views on halloween from a non celebrator...)

growing up i never celebrated halloween, my parents believed that it was not a holiday to be celebrated.  and i respect that school of thought still today and have read every story, pamphlet and bible verse about the reasons we should not have celebrated yesterday.  yesterday - a day god made.  a day he created.

here's what i believe and think today.  i think halloween is what YOU make it.  if you want it to be about evil and the devil, etc..., you probably aren't too entirely worried about what pleases god anyway, so rules don't apply.  but i think today that it's just another day.  

simple as that.  as a nanny, there does not a day go by that someone of the three chil'hen are not in a costume.  we have a trunk of make believe costumes and imagination play that is "arffing" (my best friends mom used that word one time and i have since added it to my lingo because of its greatness...) with firemen, knights, mickey mouse, batman and robin hood to name a few - and you never know when one of them escapes to the play room what will return.  lately they've been on a ninja kick.

but on halloween, you just get candy.  that's the only thing different for them.  and the only thing different for me.  it's a day to let your imagination come to life, see what your friends costumes are and get all the reeses peanut butter cups you can hoard and find (so the nanny can steal them.  please and thank you).

i am looking forward to celebrating halloween with my children one day.  seeing them use imaginative play and enjoy being little and cute.  that's all it will be for us.  just another day.  just another day...with the exception of sugar high's, meltdowns and disgruntled-ness because the costume is uncomfortable, the hair isn't perfect and their mask won't stay on...but other than's gonna be perfect.  

and that's my halloween 411.  from a former non-celebrator.

and with all that said (aaaaaaaaaand it was a lotttttttt), here's this...

cute, right?  sweet even.

then we threw sweet out da door and went all toddlers and tiaras crazy...

then this nanny went crazy and lost all control and let the girl wear the costume again.
put rollers in her already curly head because she wanted.
and eat ice cream "all by myselfff"

hope your halloween was full of sweet treats
and your november is even sweeter, friends.


Briana@SweetCGrace said...

Toddlers and Tiaras! Haha! How adorable!

Lisa said...

GAH the legwarmers! So cute!

jessica dukes said...

she was soooooooo wrong!

the legwarmers are from target girl! you know it! you also know you need them for ever!

melissamevans said...

Great post! I grew up celebrating Halloween. By this I mean going trick or treating: dressing up as a clown or princess. My boyfriend never grew up celebrating Halloween...we were talking about it the other night and I got to thinking about it: it's such a fun dress up and get candy. What more could you want, as a child. I felt bad for him, that he never got to experience that.

I'm glad that one day you will celebrate it. :)

Whitney & Devin said...

Oh my gosh this is too cute!!! Love it!

jessica dukes said...

Thanks girls! I know. My poor kids one day will be like "mom don't you think your going a little overboard with the whole Halloween thing...!???" I feel sorry for them already.

The Arizona Russums said...

i agree. i'm not too in to halloween, but i think you can celebrate it without being all devilish (or skanky :)

Grace said...

what an absolute cutie!

Jamie - Snow In December said...

You're a great nanny!!! If I were a kiddo I'd want you to be mine! :0)
Great pics of a little cutie pie. I'm partial to curly haired cuties though, as I have three of my own!
You will definitely make a great mommy one day.

I love what you had to say about Halloween...what a great perspective. I don't know what your beliefs are, but I am a Christian and I believe in the morals of the Bible. However, I don't feel that Christians should shove our morals down other people's throats, we should live by example, not by threats and such. So who am I to say that Halloween is the "devil's holiday"? and that all people who celebrate it are evil? Noooo way, no way. I love Halloween, and to me and my family it's about fun, candy, dressing up and JOY.

I'm not sure exactly where I'm going with this long comment... lol. Bye!

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