thirty one. and...BOO!

and because i like to leave you with treats and not's your treat for the day for trick-r-treatin' at my blog...

5 things you may not know about me...
1.  my favorite number is 42.  has been forever.  
2.  i wear a watch everyday and a tiffany's bracelet that i received for my 30th birthday.
3.  my hair is currently the longest it has ever been.  ever.  lord help is looooong.  like i might could be repunzel for halloween long.
4.  i have NEVER dressed up for halloween.  no never.  not even as a kid.
5.  my current favorite tv show is a toss up between castle and dexter.

and how happy are YOU that you know this little treat???  i mean, whats better...a good ole twix shoveled out of the bottom of the halloween loot or knowing five new things about me?  i know, that's what i thought.  you are soooooooo lucky.  just imagine if i would have told you ten!?

i gotta save something for thanksgiving!  shesh.

what are you (or your sweet kiddos) being for halloween?  leave a comment, i would love to know and if you post some sweet (or scary pictures) tell me, so i can trick-r-treat to your blog and see the fun.

here's to tooooo much candy!  
hip hip...


Ashley said...

You've never ever EVER dressed up?? Are you happy about that or sad? I loooved dressing up as a kid..but can do without it now.

jessica dukes said...

You know...I will let my kids dress up when they are little and will want them to. My parents didn't like Halloween and what it represented (to them) which is why I don't dress up. I don't feel like I missed out now...but then I sooooo did!
-(:-)) <----that's my jack I lantern. haha

Alyx said...

NEVER?!?!?! HOLY COW! That's crazy! I can understand where your parents came from, though. I had some friends whose parents felt the same way.
And I didn't know where Hershberg was... but I google mapped it because I'm cool like that! Haha, your friend lives like, an hour south of me! Crazy!

Cookie said...

look at Rachel's facebook to see a really cute pirate and Thomas the train!

jessica dukes said...

alyx, that IS crazy...i am so jealous that you are close enough that you all could actually hang out!!! germany looks AMAZING!

jane - oh my gosh...i saw them and they are PRECIOUS!!! those are just some pretty boys.

Anonymous said...

I love the jars! Job well done :)

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