i haven't been in the mood to blog lately, and as my fellow blogger friends know...blogging is a full time job and it has it's ups and downs.  there are moments of delight when you feel like you could write post for years on end and then moments when you feel like you have nothing to say, much less write, much less blog.

that's been me lately.

last week was tough, friday was tougher.  but it's on occasions when the going gets tough, that you just remember that it's not up to you.  and when you throw your hand up in the air in surrender and give it to god, suddenly there is peace.

and that's where i am at today.  because as much as i like to think that i am in control and i kick and moan when things don't go my way... sometimes it's a nice reminder when you feel like god is tapping your shoulder...<tap. tap. tap...>

oh yeah.  we got this.  you are in control.  

happy monday y'all.

ever felt the way i'm feeling?


Anonymous said...

yes i have and actually i have felt it recently too. I struggle with giving god control but i have gotten better with it thats for sure.. i like your sometimes you just feel him tappin on the shoulder reference.. so true.

jessica dukes said...

i hear ya, girl. i hear ya.

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