sometimes i eat macaroni naked.

continuing with our theme from yesterday...all you need is love.

brad and i spent saturday to today with ms. jessica...since she won't leave.  [her parents and brothers went on a trip.]
she told us what to do, when to do it and how. she talks a lot, don't tell her i said that.
also, she makes me take naps.  sometimes two.
she needs to check herself.
actually i like naps, don't tell her that for sure.

here's a run down of what we did:
ate edamame.
did you know there's a bean in that thing?  misser bwat told me.  and it's good!  and sometimes they pop out and hit the floor.  and occasionally i eat one so they won't know i really just like to pop them open to watch them hit the floor.
ew need coffee, misser bwat?
i think i am exhausting because he was weally searching for coffee.  i dont fink he found any.
 then ate some macaroni almost naked. 
sometimes ms. jessica gets out of control undressing me before i eat.  
this is unflattering.
and cold.
among other things.
[girls loves her some cheese with a little noodles thrown in...]
went to breakfast in pajamas.
you forgot to dress me!
ran away from misser bwat in my pajamas until he caught me.
kids don't try this at home, i kinda got in a little trouble for this one.
misser bwat told me no.  he NEVER tells me NO.
and then melted my nanny's heart when i looked at her here and said, "i happy."
i got her number.
i know her buttons.
i'm the butter on her bread.
or something like that...
after i tried to run away at breakfast, misser bwat said he REALLY needed coffee.
he got kindsa crazy.
all i drink is milk, i need to try this stuff.
c.o.f.f.e.e.  i think i can remember that.
this is my dog, chancer.
he just pooped in the house.
he's in big trouble.

i fink they might start looking for coffee again.


Amy said...

Loved this. Better to stress-drink coffee than stress-eat brownies, right?

Melinda said...

Love this one!

Nicole said...

haha love it! She is so cute, and I love your dog!

Anonymous said...

Awesome post :)

jessica dukes said...

:-) thanks girls! Thanks for reading and commenting. It always makes my day. :-)

Love Sparkle Pretty said...

Hehe i love these photos :D

jessica dukes said...

thanks girl. i am still bragging about you soon, but i have been so busy its nuts, excuses have a new baby!!! i'll stop. ;-)

Kassi at Truly Lovely said...

This is too cute!!! :)

jessica dukes said...

thanks kassi.

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