spilt coffee and kenny g.

here's the thing.

i spilt coffee all over my keyboard yesterday and had a frozen moment of panic quick fast and in a hurry slather it off all over the floor as to get it anywhere other than my keyboard kinda moment - might need some carpet cleaner, but we (the computer and myself) are still in business.  as i type, there is one little dot of coffee on the lower left of the screen dried and staring at me like listen lady lets be responsible with our hot drinks.
got it coffee.  got it.

her parents surprised her big brothers with a fun christmas trip this weekend, so we are together until tuesday.
me.  her.  misser bwat.

and trust me.  kenny g, don't care a thing about her nanny.  not one bit.

it's all misser bwat.  all the time.  i change her diaper, bath her, keep her on a schedule, feed her...you know - the necessities.  and he gets all the love and adoration.

all the love and adoration.  
girl loves her some bwat.  and trust me, i need only come as close as the phone will instagram it, closer than this...i get the stare down and the "my misser bwat!" 

and from the looks of things.  the feelings mutual.


Natalia Lynn said...

oh that is so cute! And hilarious about the coffee. I hope it wasn't too bad! My first night in France my son was feeling sick and THREW UP all over my NEW computer. Can you believe it? I mean, I felt sorry for the kids, but my new computer?!?! It's working now, so we're good.

jessica dukes said...

oh lord, i would die. die. poor buddy though. my husbands friend spilt a whole thing of soy sauce on his computer one time...yuck!
yeah, mine is working still too...shesh!

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