o holy night.

i originally wrote this blog in 2009,but its one of those sweet moments that i think about a lot during the holidays and one of those moments when you are so thankful you captured it all in pictures, even if it was an iphone.  i just wanted to reshare it today --- hope it makes your heart smile like it does mine...
as most of you know, i am a nanny. 
not a ninny, a nanny! i work full-time and help take care of three precious little ones. i support their parents in rearing them the way they see fit and do the best that i possibly can in making all of their lives a little easier and hope i make their load a little lighter.

last night as i was working with the baby, i could hear the little fellas in their room playing. i heard one of them shout out, "jesus, come here!" not wanting to miss jesus, just in case he was in their room, i thought i should go spy and see what was going on and...
and this is what i found.
and i wanted to cry. my heart swelled with pride, i was so proud of them. of all things they could be pretending and playing, just the fact that they get it made me just in awe. they had turned their chairs upside down, pushed them together to make a triangular (manger) shape. the pillow that they had laid between was the hay and one of the little fellas was laid down covered in a blanket (swaddling clothes, or wadded up clothes as the heardman's called it) being jesus. i was touched to say the least by their creativity, but mostly their hearts.
i have spent my life teaching children, being with children and trying to form their minds into something that as an adult will make them better and stronger. sometimes you feel like you are wasting your breathe, that no one is listening....and then when you see this. something as simple as this; but something that two four year olds who are as excited about santa coming as the next child...choose to re-enact what even adults often forget is the real meaning of christmas. i still am so proud of them, and was happy to play a part (i was joseph for a little while.)
let me take you through our evening.
jesus and mary.
joseph, jesus and mary.
we needed a jesus, so their littlest batman played the part.
mary and joseph.
i tried my darnedest to get joseph to stand behind mary with his hand on "her" shoulder, they thought this was a better shot. they were right.
the holy family.
and an ah hah moment for the nanny. oh, yeah. where is that baby? we have on of those. don't tell their parents, but i woke her up so she could play the part. hey, it's not everyday you are asked to be jesus.
look, i realize "he" has a pink passie and a pink gown but work with me here.
poor little jesus.
"his" parents...are not the gentlest.
just trying to get the stable feel.
and then this happened.
the horse tried to eat joseph, jesus was over it and mary suddenly realized that the dress "she" was wearing was really "her" daddy's t-shirt. and the headband WOULD NOT stay on...needless to say, that was the last picture...because mary had a colossal meltdown...
o holy night.


Katie said...

so cute! when I was little my brother, sister and I used to dress up every Christmas eve and read the Christmas story. I can't wait to do it when I have kids!

Amy said...

Too cute. :o)

Amy said...

I just came back to re-read it. I, literally, spent a good part of the day trying to figure out who the little baby was...so I'm so glad I saw your little note on the top this time. Duh.

jessica dukes said...

hahahaha. I love it Amy! Yeah, she's a big girl
Now! :-) thanks for the comments gals.

MaryBeth said...

This was precious!

Kassi at Truly Lovely said...

So adorable!!! What little sweethearts they are!!!

Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

this is the sweetest scene you could possibly come upon. heart melting!

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