please pray from my friend sarah clore today.

i'll cut right to the chase, since this is my second blog today in two hours and since i don't want to be blog hog and make you hang out with morrison lane all day - i'll make it short and sweet.  except thats not really my style and nearly impossible to do.  and the whole reason i have a blog is so i don't have to make it short and sweet.  moving on.

right this second as this blog goes to post - my friend, sarah clore - wife and mommy to two boys under two - is beginning surgery on a tumor in her brain that was found last week.  the surgery starts at 7:30 am here in nashville at vanderbilt and will continue all day for 8 + hours.

all week, i have tried to put myself in her shoes.  i can not begin to imagine the all encompassing feeling of having a sweet husband (her husband john is awesome!) and a little one who is two, then another baby boy with is three months, and knowing that today i am faces with something of the magnitude she is being faced with today.

she is strong.  she is a warrior.  she loves jesus.  and we need you to pray with everything in you.  pray for the surgeons that are operating today.  pray for john that he will feel the peace of jesus and that he will feel the love of goad wrapped around him today.

sarah has been a nanny for a long time right along side me, and when i thnk of some of my very favorite people she is right up there.

will you pray for her today?  please?  i will be updating my twitter feed ( i get updates from team clore.  today will be the longest day they have ever had and i know that god has this all right in the palm of his hands.

praying with you and believing,

here's a letter i posted last week from sarah.


Ashley said...

I will be praying! :)

Amy said...

I've been thinking about her and praying today.

jessica dukes said...

thanks girls. she is doing good, out of surgery and talking. god is good...all the time.

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