how to: boil an egg.

i know you think you already know how to do this and you are rolling your eyes at the title of this post. and then there's the fact that you could google this exact title and get one million answers, all of which would work and your egg would be just fine.  
but would it be this simple?
because lets just say that i saw rachel ray while i was sitting in the waiting room of the hospital with my mom last week and she gave explicit directions on how to boil an egg.  rachel ray, not my mom.
and lets just say it was a complicated process.
and lets just say that i have this here blog and decided i needed to share the wealth i have.
the wealth...meaning i have your answer when it comes to "so how DO you boil an egg?"

and as silly and as simple as it seems, well, i have always kinda wondered how to do it right.  
like is there a right way to boil an egg?
i don't know, but there is my way.
and it's easy.

and since i am obsessed with eggs these days (read egg whites), i have it down to a science.  
every morning i boil eggs.  
and then eat them.  
and they are perfectly good.

i have your answers.  oh, i do.  and you are welcome.  you so are.

after this post, you can boil your heart out.

how to boil an egg:
-put the eggs in a sauce pan
-cover them with water
-turn the burner on high
-set the timer for fourteen minutes
-walk away
-when you hear the timer go off, turn the eggs off.
-peal while running warm water over them.
-salt, pepper to taste...i like to add a little cayenne

disclaimer: i like to eat egg whites every morning, i like to not eat the yellow. but deviled eggs are my favorite thing ever. (and yes, my mom calls them angeled eggs.  she really does.)

also:  i realize my blog needed prozac last week.  i do.  this week, we are on an upward slope and happy happy happy around here is what you are getting.  promise.

one more thing:  i can't wait to tell you all about my ymca experience i had on saturday, let's just say hercules in the form of a girl was working out beside me and i was scuuuured.  and she new it. and loved it.

the end.
now, go boil an egg! 
man, i love those thing.

want more how to post?...cause i have all kinds of useless information floating around in my brain.  
i know this shocks you.  i know.

be nice.


Katie said...

I can't even count how many times I've messed up boiling an egg. I'd say I'm pretty good at cooking, but something often goes wrong and I either crack open a mushy egg or a overdone one. I will have to do it Rachael ray's way!

Stephanie Leann said...

Let's hear more! I always love "useless" information. I had to ask how to boil an egg my very first time - had no clue the patience it required!

jessica dukes said...

i know, i seriously think it is one of those things that are too easy, so you just screw it up. glad i decided to take pictures of my egg friday and get all "how to" on y'all. love me an egg.

and thanks for the comments, stephanie and katie. :-)

Katie said...

I have actually never boiled an egg so this is actually really really helpful. I need simple steps or else things get a little CRAZY.

Lauren said...

I don't think I've ever boiled an egg. I imagined you just put it in water and left it and peeled it, but I'm sure had I googled it I would have been overwhelmed that there was potentially more to it haha.

jessica dukes said...

Am I the only person alive obsessed with hard boiled eggs? Yall are making me feel like a weirdo! :-)

Anonymous said...

I too heart deviled eggs! Alot...I only usually get to have them a couple times a's SUCH a treat when I spot them, sitting on a table :)

ps. love that you have a picture of you and brad...very nice pic.

jessica dukes said...

melissa, you made my day. thank you...i think the whole blog is simpler and clearer now. thank you! what do you think?

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