lisa from scratch = awesome. {and a thank you.}

a while ago, i needed a blog change.  i wanted a new header, and i new i didn't have the time or skill (mainly the skill) to do what i needed.  to get the look i wanted.  the blog community is weird like that, you meet cool people that you would be friends with in real life, but for distance and happenstance you would never meet except for blogging. 
bloggings good like that.

lisa and i are friends.  and we have never met, but we are friends.  she is a wife and a mommy to a newborn baby and a person that has made my days better since meeting her.  

and she reminds me of my "real life that lives in nashville where i live" friend kara.  something about them are so similar, it's weird.  but great.  because kara is great as is lisa.  they are both wives and new moms...and you get the point.
sometimes i like to ramble.

lisa did this to my blog a few months ago:
my old header = she rocks.
and it was everything i wanted.  i mean, look at that cute husband of mine and those kids i nanny...i mean, does it get better than that? and she turned everything into HTML (girl is smart) and redesigned everything.  made it all organized so people could find me on pinterest, facebook and twitter.  i mean, really...above and beyond.
and then after a few months, i realized that folks were thinking those were my three kids and they aren't.  and i would take them and claim them as my own - still they are my job.  and i didn't want to send mixed messages, and wanted folks to know that my blog was more than just me writing about what were my pretend kids.  
does that make sense?

and then i thought..."gee, whenever brad and i do decide to have a baby and are blessed enough for that to happen, people are gonna be like 'why is she so excited, this is her forth kid.' " cause whenever that happens it's gonna be real exciting.
and i couldn't have that.

so i enlisted lisa again and she did what you see today.  brand new and shiny. with the tags still on it.  
do you like it?
i love it.

i think it is much more of a clear design of what my blog is called and who i am and who we (brad and jessica) are...and yes, there are plenty of stories thrown in of little bit, and her mischievous brothers, but i think the message is more clear of what i need to send to all my fellow readers out there.  the masses of them, groves really...
is this even clear?

and it's so me. i love me a good banner.  i mean, girl is good.  real real good.
lisa's blog.

i said ALL OF THIS to say...if you are in the market for a redesign, have no idea what you are doing (hiii!!! i feel your pain!), and want someone who is great and so easy to work with --- she listens to what you are really wanted and then executes it ---- email lisa and let her help you.

and trust me, i think i might have been pretty needy.  and she delivered.  
(i have to think she was probably rolling her eyes at the up teen text and emails with dumb questions i was sending, but patiently she replied.)

thanks lisa.  i love my new design.  
i really appreciate all the work you did for me.

do you like the new banner?  
i think it makes me look slimmer, hotter and all around better. (i just couldn't help are laughing, i know you are...)


Lisa said...

You're making me all misty! This is just the sweetest thing.

And I never rolled my eyes at you. Not once.

I am so thankful we found each other through the interwebz. I truly believe that we will meet one day!

Thank you for your kind words. Hugs and love, darling.

Briana@SweetCGrace said...

I love it! It's got a muted summery feel and it's so cute!

jessica dukes said...

well, thanks lisa...i mean it. i think you have such talent, i am glad you are putting it out there. and thanks for helping me so. we will meet soon...after all brad is chomping at the bit to get to the christmas story house! :-)

oh briana, thank you!

Allison said...


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